down for the count.

Morning, chickadees!

Over here at Palluzzi-Wagenschutz headquarters, I’m trying to bounce back from a cold that’s knocked me off my feet and straight into a pajamas-and-terrible-television binge.

I spent last night sleeping on the couch, because, you see, I now live with two boys instead of one, and both of them share my room and also have a snoring problem.

Infant snoring: who knew?

I hate colds. I get one every spring when the weather starts wobbling around like a drunk, and it seems this year was no exception.

This means lots of tea, water, breast feeding-approved meds, and trying to convince Theo that he probably should take lots of naps today.

So far it’s working, but only because I think my incessant sneezing is scaring him into sleep.

I’ll take what I can get.

On the upside, I am choosing to believe that we’re finished with the intense cold weather (and the snow- my God, can we be finished with the snow already?!) and that spring is on its way.

And with that, I’m off to make questioning programming decisions until my infant decides the rest of this day’s agenda.





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visiting day.

Morning, chickens!

We skipped yesterday, since Theo and I had big, big plans that took up most of the day.

I prepped him so well about our outing that I exhausted him just in the explanation, and he slept through his first trip downtown.

I understand completely. The city can be exhausting.

We headed downtown for lunch with my coworkers, which meant a car trip on both the highway and Michigan Avenue.

Prior to Theo, a meltdown would have ensued, but after actually birthing a real live person, I find that I’m feeling slightly more empowered.

Plus I don’t want T to inherit my tendencies to be somewhat of a chicken, so I buck up and chat with him the whole ride, making it seem like No Big Deal.

Which at this point, I’m almost believing.

We made it into a parking structure without any incidents, transferred to the stroller (walking is much more my speed), and took a tour of the Mag Mile before heading into a building full of friendly faces and letting a whole new group of people hold my baby and tell me how cute he is.

We both were fans of that, obviously.

After a long visit in my office, we headed for a stroll around JW’s place of business, where my perfectly behaved (read: passed out) infant performed for a new crop of people.

After a quick outing to the doctor to proclaim me healthy as a horse, we headed home, where T had one more visit with our pal MC before finally calling it a night.

It’s hard to be so popular.

In order to recover from our long day (and the ridiculous April weather), we’re doing this all day long.

photo (14)

Enjoy this one, chickens!

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heating it up

Morning, chickadees!

And welcome to the very-nearly-here weekend, that we all deserve so very much.

We’ve had great weather the past couple of days, and it’s supposed to last through the next two days, and for this, I am thankful.

Theo and I have been able to get out into the sunshine, which really, is making all the difference after a long winter and a hard week.

And it’s making T want to get out of bed even earlier than normal, if such a thing is possible.

photo (13)

Please excuse my messy room and unmade bed, as it six in the morning in this shot. What is important to note is that my once tiny boy is outfitted in something made for a 3 month old.

He’s essentially a toddler.

Who can’t hold his head up.

We’re getting there.

Up this weekend: a long-overdue date with my bffs, organizing everything in my condo, and getting back into the cooking groove since spring is here, which means the farm market is almost open, and my stash of delicious  freezer meals from my pals and my pre-baby self are almost exhausted.

Things are heating up around here chickadees, and I’ve never been so excited.

Get out in that sunshine today, everybody.


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on my way to where the air is sweet

Morning, chickens!

Theo and I are gearing up for a morning which involves a trip down Lincoln Avenue for a vaccination.

He has decided to react to this news by having a mini-meltdown, which at least means I won’t know if it’s the shot or his general outlook on life causing his anguish this morning.

Stay tuned on that one.

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful day that involved sunshine, our first dinner on the deck, and a long, long walk to the library to pick up a couple more books and pay a fine amassed by the number of children’s books I had managed to not get back on time.

I think we’re all gonna make it out of winter, chickadees.

And that is a very good thing.

Up today aside from the shot: watching T punch and kick whatever he can (mostly air) because he seems to have discovered that all four limbs belong to him, trying to finish Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman (did anyone else read this and think it dragged? I love the man, but the book is not doing it for me), and getting ready for a weekend which promises cookouts and a return to yoga.

Things are looking up around here, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

photo (12)


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we are how we treat each other and nothing more.

Sorry for the break in the action, chickens.

Thursday, JW and I found out that his (mine and Theo’s too, though) amazing, silly, loving aunt Mimi had passed away.

So we’ve spent the past four days in Michigan with family, celebrating Mimi, telling stories, and trying to figure what we’re going to do without her.

Mimi loved good (and bad) jokes, her family, and being Irish.

The first time I met her, I was in the middle of an argument with JW at his cottage. We were 19 and dramatic about nothing most of the time. We weren’t even dating yet.

I was in the middle of a sentence when I looked over JW’s shoulder and noticed that someone I’d never seen before was looking at me from the next house.

Through binoculars.

“Jon, there’s a woman looking at me with binoculars,” I said, backing away slowly.

“That’s my aunt Mimi,” he said, without even checking, and then turned around.

She smiled and waved at us.

That was my aunt Mimi.

Mimi was in love with her friends and family, and she never let a visit go by without telling me how happy she was that I was her niece, and how much she loved JW.  Theo too, on our last trip She loved people with an intensity that the rest of us can probably only try to reach for.

This weekend, after toasting Mimi with a beer and a straw (her personal favorite), her daughter L asked us to all listen to this song, because it is my mom, she kept saying.

She was right. And we are all better for having known her.



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turning new pages.

Morning, chickens!

T and I are relaxing on this thunder-ish morning, which means Raffi Pandora until Theo fell asleep for an early morning nap.

You guys, I’m pretty excited that I now have a good excuse to listen to as many children’s folk songs as I want to without feeling weird about it.

Not that I really felt bad about it before.


Today, aside from one more good day of visiting with my grandma, it’s book club night.

As previously mentioned, my friends and I abandoned the idea of actually making everyone read the same book, because it turns out that we were pretty bad at that.

Instead, we gather at someone’s apartment, open up bottles of wine and boxes of crackers, and tell each other what we’ve been reading over the last month and why we did or didn’t like it.

Kind of like a live Goodreads.

With wine and without the Internet, so, better.

This month, I’m affirming a couple of things that were recommended to me, but I’m also mentioning the latest book I read, which has made me feel some feelings, but admittedly, I liked it. I submit to you, tiny beautiful things Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar.


This book suggestion was actually given to me by my pal AB when I ran into her on the el right before T came along. She said it might be good at this point in my life because it’s essentially a book of advice columns, so it’s broken into short, sweet little bursts.

She was totally right. Dear Sugar is an advice columnist from The Rumpus, an online publication, and this book is a collection of her thoughts on readers’ love and life issues. She deals with heavy things and light ones, and her writing style makes it feel like you’re chatting with a friend (an intense, sage friend, but a friend nonetheless). This one, which I found online, was one of my favorites (note: it’s explicit, and might make you feel uncomfortable).

Dear Sugar,

WTF, WTF, WTF? I’m asking this question as it applies to everything every day.


In any case, if you’re looking for something that’s not-a-novel and also not-Russian-revolution-history (which is where I was), this is a good pick.

And with that, I’m off to get this one started.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickadees, and send some my way while you’re at it.


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swings and walkers.

Morning, chickens!

We’ve hit the middle of another week here, and I’m spending this particular morning cleaning up and watching my sweet boy swing himself into a nap.

Between 7am and 10am, Theo has something like a witching hour. He can’t decide what he’d like to be doing, which generally leads to some kind of a five-week-old meltdown.

It’s not a pretty sight.

Fortunately, I have discovered that a ride in the swing facing a well-lit window seems to the activity T was missing out on, and we’re both having a calmer morning for it.


Among other things I’ve been up to this week (visiting with my family, washing eight million tiny outfits, taking showers while a newborn screams), I’ve stumbled back upon the Walking Dead series, which actually had its season finale last week (which, by the way, was awesome)

It’s no secret that I have, in my overly tired state, been making some poor choices about my television watching. I won’t even share with you the reality shows that seem appealing after a night full of pieced together, interrupted sleep.

I recalled though, after the crazy cliffhanger episode, that I’ve never actually seen the first season, because I jumped onto the bandwagon after everyone else.

Which means six amazing episodes of Rick and his crew when the zombies first showed up, and several days without me watching super rich middle-aged women get dramatic over dinner parties.

It’s the small wins, chickadees. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.

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