the road to recovery

Ok chickadees, it’s finally Friday.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Boo’s been sick, and when I picked him up Wednesday, A told me he hadn’t had a great day and wasn’t feeling very well.

We just gave him medicine, she noted, as he came teetering over to me and face planted, drunk-toddling a side effect from the Motrin, apparently.Since I am a responsible mother, I picked him up to comfort him and only snickered for three seconds first.

We discussed his symptoms as a circle of three-year-old swarmed me, trying to hand me various objects of T’s to bring home.

This is his water, one said.

And his pacifier, another said, shoving it at me.

My godson tried to climb into Boo’s car seat with him.

I’m fairly certain that the toddlers think I am their peer and not a mom.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, so please don’t ask me until I’ve had more time to consider it.

I decided that daycare was maybe not the best place to calmly recover from a cold, so Boo spent the day with his Auntie J yesterday, demanding to hold her hand all day and getting all.the.attention.

That’s usually what it takes around here to get back to wellness.

And with that, we’re off to get through one more day and then celebrate the weekend, even if it just means movies on the couch.

Especially if it means movies on the couch.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!

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Check me out!

Chickens, I’m running late this morning (afternoon!)

I’ve got no thoughts of my own today, except for wondering if Boo’s nose will ever stop running (probably nothing) and is it Friday yet, already? However, I am guest blogging on Jennie’s blog today, so if you’ve got a minute and are interested, check me out. Ky and I cooked up some spring vegetable hash last weekend, and then it snowed and Ruined Everything.

Welcome, Spring.

Nikki posting over here

Enjoy this one!

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catching up in a run on sentence structure.

You guys, I’m sorry for my absence, but over here, we’ve been doing the following: walking everywhere, playing at parks, traveling to Orlando for work, getting much needed haircuts, starting new jobs (JW! JW! Gooo, JW!), and picking up feverish toddlers from daycare.

And watching basketball.

And binge finishing the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, which I am now obsessed with because I love laughing more than anything and this show makes me laugh. You should watch it. Maybe not in two days like JW and I did.

Also, finally getting Lena Dunham’s autobiography/memoir/whatever after having it on hold for three months from the library, and to be honest, not loving it.

I feel part old lady, because all of her “struggles” don’t seem like struggles, and she’s incredibly self-centered (for which I fault her even though I shouldn’t, because she’s super aware of it, at least), and I just don’t get what the young people are trying to say.

It’s not really her fault.

She also spends a good chunk of the book discussing her intense anxiety, and since I’m not really wired for anxiety in general (I realize this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with luck), I don’t think I’m seizing on that the way I’m supposed to either.

Anyway, if the upper middle class struggle or the above topic resonate with you, her writing is easy to read and she’s fairly funny, and the book moves fast.

A raving review, I know.

In any case, that’s what we’re up to in this neck of the woods, and I would promise you that I will be here on the regular going forward, but I am trying not to be a liar and the truth is I can’t promise anything.

Except that I’m having a good time.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!

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say, say, say, ain’t it been some kind of day

You guys, it’s weird and spring-like out there, and even though I guess it’s March and that is what it’s supposed to be like, it is making for a very odd week around here. Here my observations on why:

1. I went back to running on Tuesday, after a week off for planes and travel and meetings and Xanax and fries. It was rough, obviously, and for some reason I felt like the only way I could get through it was to listen to Pitbull Pandora, which is something I would never do. I cannot tell you the number of times I heard the word “WORLDWIDE!” shouted into my ears as I struggled to make it three miles on the treadmill. Whatever, I did it, and maybe it was the beat.

2. All of a sudden Theo has started walking. Like, actually walking and not just making a game out of shuffling three feet between JW and me. There is no explanation for this except that babies are strange creatures and one day they are babies and the next they are full grown men and you don’t even see it coming.

3. All of Chicago is a giant mud/trash puddle, and because it’s above freezing, I do not care one bit. I have been walking home the mile from the train at night, without a giant coat, and in the light of the day, and although it feels bizarre, it also feels very, very good, like something great is about to show up. But first, I need to get some rain boots.

4. I was in PowerPoint hell yesterday, which meant it was important for me to have good music. I listened to Blessid Union of Souls all day and pretended that it was was 1999 and I was doing a book report full of sweet clip art and it actually made me feel better.

And with that, I’m off to move through one more day that lands me closer to the weekend. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it chickadees, and the warm-up weirdness.

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flipping sides of the coin

Morning, chickens! We’ve hit the hump of the week and the weather is still remarkably warmer than it’s been in months (though likely, not quite as beautiful as it will be for my short trip to Orlando next week), so I’m happy to be sitting in the middle of this seven day stretch.

This morning I’m sharing an article that I read via Shutterbean (my favorite blog). It’s about working and motherhood, and while I didn’t relate to its every sentiment, I did feel like I connected with the author’s life arc from working non-mom to working mom. The basic story is that until the author was a mom herself, she wasn’t hot on the moms she encountered in the professional world. They lacked focus, ambition, and time.

When you’re not a mom, it’s easy to be judgmental, critical, and holier-than-thou toward women who are, because you have the time to do it in (spoiler alert: it’s still easy to be all those things when you are a mom, you’re just more tired).

In the past year and some change, I’ve learned that you can get more done in less time if you have to, it’s okay to say no, and there’s always another night for a happy hour (spoiler alert: happy hours are even better when you have to work a little to schedule them).

Anyway, read the article. It struck a few chords, and gave me something to think about–I think it will for you too, mom or not.

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adding to the wheelhouse

It’s a short Tuesday post, chickadees, because Tuesdays move fast around here, but a funny update on my new favorite thing about Boo.

He’s walking (a little), talking (in his own language), and learning to stack cups, but the best new skill in his wheelhouse is surely this new trick:

IMG_4046 (1)

It appears that our tiny Boo has figured out how to “dress himself,” even if he’s only gotten to the part where he shoves his head through the armhole of his dad’s shirt and then grunts in a circle once he realizes he can’t get out without assistance.

And that, my friends, is what we call progress around here.

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warming up to it

This weekend was a delight, mainly because I finally made it home, and also because it involved weather mild enough to stroll in (even if the city of Chicago is melting and I’m mostly just trudging around in wet sneakers), impromptu-pesto making lessons with my two favorite teens (pesto tastes like summer, chickens, it’ll pull you right out of the winter blues), and going to Boo’s first parade (as fun as you’d think it would be).

The weather is warming up (I believe it, even if it’s impossible to believe), we’ve officially sprung ahead, and so after a week of eating things I shouldn’t, drinking too much wine, and moving through airports at the speed of Xanax (slow, in case you were wondering), I am so very ready for long walks in the park (even when they’re muddy), a bag full of new library books (just in browsing, I found this, this, and this), stretching back into yoga, and finishing up my streaming Netflix addictions (so.much.House.of.Cards, you guys) in time to get back outside into the light.

Winter was tough this year, and while I know that it is not quite over yet (I’m not silly enough to think we’re out of the woods), the weekend warm up was enough to remind me that summer’s just around the corner.

Things look so much better with a little light on them, chickadees. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.

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