road trip to the aisle

Morning, chickadees!

I’m not headed into work today, which in and of itself is a beautiful thing, but it’s made even better by the fact that we’re about to pack up and road trip to Cincy for our friends’ wedding.

I love road trips, weddings, and my friends, so this is a bit of a trifecta of amazing as far as I am concerned.

Michaela has been in my circle of favorite people since we met in Roma (aside from traveling the world, seeing very cool things, having once-in-a-lifetime-experiences and eating gelato, I also met some of the most important people in my life there- and I’m happy to say that one whole decade later, they’re still my people).

It’s good to have people, you guys.

Michaela is a wealth of knowledge on many subjects, has great judgment, and is always the first person to start the dance party in the kitchen.

Someone has to do it, you guys.

I always take my cues for what’s fair and right from my friend M. Both times that I’ve embarked on a half marathon training, Michaela’s always been the best person to train with, because she never gives up and she sets the pace.

Michaela’s the steady one.

With the best dance moves.

I’ve known her-soon-to-be-husband almost as long as I’ve known her, and while I don’t have anything to say about his running pace, I do know that he’s fun, a great friend, and loves our pal like crazy.

Like we’d let her walk down the aisle to meet anyone who wasn’t.

So today we’re excited for big celebrations and giant dance parties- may you two have a constant stream of both in the decades to come!


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musings from halfway through it

Several things this morning, chickens. In no particular order.

1. I love the Skimm. I used to think it was an embarrassing way to get the news because it was not serious enough, but I’m tired and can no longer look at the CNN or Huffington Post web layouts without my eyeballs hurting. As a former news junkie who then digressed to the point of getting news from elevator televisions (a low point, but guys, they still had the headlines), I find this to be a good compromise. Extra points because they explained a bunch of terrorist groups to me.

2. It’s confusing to explain what I actually do for work. Managing technology groups is never just a one sentence description, like “I’m a doctor,” or “I’m a lawyer” are. Yesterday though, I found the below video. One of my groups is a few thousand  professionals who manage unified communications technologies (phones, call centers, video communications, etc.), and I found this article/video about a new video call center technology and it also made me (almost cry):

So I work with people who try and figure out how to do things like that.

3. Because of time sucking meetings that actually left me with my head on my desk for part of the afternoon, my work out dreams were yanked out from under me at work yesterday, but somehow I convinced myself to go when I got home. My observations after a half hour jogging around a park: a) I am not the slowest person in North Center. b) I am probably the second slowest person in North Center. c) I’m cool with that, for now.

4. Theo is super into saying “bye bye” right now. This morning when JW got ready to leave, Boo grabbed his sweatshirt, started saying goodbye, and headed to the door. He was less than pleased to learn it wasn’t time to leave for daycare yet.


5. This morning I heard a yelping coming from Theo’s room. I was about to investigate when I heard JW making the same sound. After a couple of rounds of what sounded like a cross between a dog barking and yelling, I asked what was going on.

“We’re wolves.” JW shouted.

I had no comeback for that, but JW then explained that obviously we are a Wagenschutz Wolfpack of two. 

The yelping lasted the rest of the morning. I was not invited into the wolfpack, but I think I am mostly relieved.

6. I am watching The Jinx right now on HBOGo and you guys, this shit is cray. I love documentaries, and I love crazy shit, so it’s obviously a great pairing for me. Thanks to the sixteen people who told me to watch it before I listened and also I’m sorry I said Bob kind of just seemed like a nice old man to me at first, because obviously he is insane and I am now questioning my judgment skills.

And with that, I’m off for the day.

I’ve got half a wolfpack to get ready for his morning.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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early mornings and other things.

Morning, chickadees. It’s sunny out and the temperatures are climbing in the second city, and those are both things to be thankful for today.

Especially because JW and I have been up since before five, as it turns out that Theo’s approach to life is a firm the.early.babe.gets.the.worm mantra.

He’s got work to do, you guys, and it can’t wait for the sunrise, apparently.


I love these capes so much. They were a birthday gift to Boo from our pals V & J, and I’ve found that there is nothing like a toddler darting by you wearing a one of these things.

It almost makes it okay that I’ve been up for over two hours already.


Yesterday I managed to pick up lawn seats at Ravinia for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, because you better believe that I’m taking myself and my pals to see that crazy pairing of music. I am 100% sure that it is going to be amazing.

If you live in the Chicago area and you haven’t been to Ravinia, now is the time. It’s basically a giant park where you sit on blankets and in lawn chairs, eat delicious food, listen to amazing music, and best of all, truck in all the wine you can carry.

Essentially, it’s my favorite kind of activity.


Also yesterday, I decided to start a “plank challenge.” I’ve been running fairly routinely, but I decided that since I’ve been terrible about yoga and kettlebells and anything that’s not running really (and let’s be honest, I haven’t been amazing about that either), that some ab exercises would be a good idea because summer’s coming and I had a baby last year and I ate pretty much one hundred pounds of cookies this winter, so pretty much why not.

Plus my friend KB is doing it, and I’m a copycat.

Anyway, the first plank challenge was 20 seconds, which I essentially scoffed at. I am an athlete. I have done triathlons and half marathons and I am a yogi and I did bells until I was 40 weeks pregnant.

Turns out, that was in the past.

And so it doesn’t count towards the 20 seconds of hell that happened in my living room last night.

Which ended with me collapsing on the the rug in a heap.

The good news? If there’s anything I’m not, it’s a quitter, so we’re up again tonight.

I might have to adopt an “I can do anything for ten seconds” mantra courtesy of Kimmy Schmidt and get to it.

Enjoy this one, chickadees- I have to go convince Boo that vision insurance paperwork isn’t the kind of light morning reading he should be doing.

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starting another loop.

Morning, chickens!

It’s gray out there this morning, and Boo slept in, which means he’s slightly cranky and a little confused.

I can relate.

This has translated to him crying by the door for ten minutes after JW left this morning, followed by him hiding my phone among his toys.

“Buh, bye!” he kept shouting.

I can decide if learning more words will make this better or worse.

Stay tuned.

This was a lovely weekend that started off with zero plans and ended up full to the brim with various errands, library trips (I had no book for five days, and it was damn near a tragedy. I visited my old library, which has less selection, but I came up with this, this, and this, all of which felt like a small miracle), celebratory brunches, chili cook-offs, and several trips to the park.

Also, wine and tacos, because it is most certainly the season in which I request tacos as often as possible. Last summer we ate so many tacos that at some point I declared it a shame that we didn’t have any other animal eating options, as I was becoming bored of the standard fish, steak, and chicken rotation.

Yes, I know that’s bizarre, and yes, it’s still how I feel.

Up today: sloshing through the rain with Boo, picking up Ravinia tickets because everyone should have a shot at seeing Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, and making it through Monday in one whole piece.

That’s plenty, if you ask me.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chicks!

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five good things: the bandwidth edition

Morning, chickadees!

And my apologies for a quiet (on here, anyway) week. We’ve been having some sort of bizarre internet issues in which I can’t connect all six hundred of our devices to the wireless network at once.

Thus the radio silence.

Anyway, since it’s too hard to recap everything, I’ll just recap the good things, and then we don’t have to dwell on the fact that my Sperrys are covered in mud from rainy puddles and that this was the week Theo finally rolled off of our bed and smacked his face on the floor.

Forget you read any of that.

Onto the good things!

1. While I was forced to watch Duke win another national championship (not a good thing), I also had the pleasure of watching the UConn women win their 10th championship game and 3rd title in a row Tuesday night. I’ve been watching these ladies since the early 90s, because my uncle was a basketball coach and I believed that girls could do anything boys could do (better), and so my interests really wrapped up nicely into my basketball obsession. My uncle bought me tickets for Christmas once, and it was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. This game was the 20th anniversary of when the Lady Huskies went 35-0, and while that makes me feel pretty old, I also feel pretty proud that I’ve been into them so long.

2. Yesterday during the commute the rain was coming down in sheets, and I was obviously displeased because this meant crazy hair and wet shoes. I scooped up Theo, opened my umbrella, and stomped out of my house. Just as I was working up to my greatest level of scowl, I heard my crazy little baby start cackling. Apparently the sound of the rain on the umbrella was the funniest, coolest thing ever.

You guys, we pay attention to the wrong stuff.

3. Although the weather has been rainy, it feels like we’re on the precipice of a real warm up, and I cannot complain about that. We’re all ready for spring over here, chickens.

4. Last weekend my little family drove to Michigan for the weekend, where we spent tons of time hanging out with family, watching Sam and Theo play, and eating delicious meals. I took a long walk by the lake and all in all, it was really just the thing after a few very full and frenzied months.


5. My bff  JC sent this to me and while I have yet to actually comment to her how funny it is, I can definitely leave it here with you fine people.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it- and the weekend!

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admitting to it and getting on the road

Morning, chickadees!

I’m spending the morning holed up in a Starbucks, finishing up some work before heading to Michigan with the boys. I attempted to work from home this morning, but an internet issue + Boo really not understanding why he wasn’t allowed to press all of the buttons on my laptop made it a little trying in the productivity department.

I admire the kid’s desire to get work done, I guess.

Yesterday, due to my over indulgence in the wine department Wednesday night, was the kind of day where I sat quietly in my cube, listened to quiet music, and ate french fries on three separate occasions (oh, how I wish that I was joking, but no, I am deadly serious about it). JW and I went out to dinner with our pal D and his lovely bride-to-be A, and ate approximately one million delicious items from the Bristol, a restaurant that was awesome, except that maybe the mood lighting was so dim that I couldn’t read my menu.

I am old and blind, and unfortunately have fit those descriptors since I was about eight years old.

The fact that they bestowed my third order of fries upon me totally made up for the light situation.

It doesn’t take much these days.

So after a long night of sleep, a hectic early morning, and a productive mid-one, we’re looking forward to packing up and getting out to quieter scenery for the weekend. I hope everyone’s got the same thing planned for themselves–enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!


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another place, another time

Morning, chickadees!

I’m a little slow moving this morning, which would seem to be 100% the fault of the beautiful, warm weather that came through Chicago yesterday afternoon.

CJ and I decided to take advantage of the sun and hang out on the patio of Quartino after work, eating bread and cheese and drinking wine until all of a sudden it was very late and we had laughed through several bottles of wine and realized that it was, actually, only a Wednesday evening, and so maybe it was time for cabs.

This happens to us a lot, and we never seem to learn from our previous errors in judgment.

Which is one of the reasons CJ is one of my very best pals.

The two of us are on a bit of a farewell tour this month, and the only way to really wish someone well is to do it with drinks and funny stories.

Luckily, we have eight years of good times to reflect on and no short supply on watering holes, so we’re poised for a successful three weeks before she packs up and ships off to her next adventure.

This will not be the last you hear of the farewell tour, chickens.

Also lucky: Theo (because he is at one with his mama’s needs) has decided this is a let’s-listen-to-music-and-snuggle morning instead of a please-chase-me-around-for-a-half-hour morning.

And with that, I’m off to slog through a few meetings and a couple tasks before packing up and heading out to Michigan for a weekend of relaxation and visiting.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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