copping to the less than ideal.

All right chickens, I know I’ve been fairly absent lately. Things are jam-packed in my neck of the woods, and I’m finding it tough to find a time to write when Theo doesn’t decide that he would like to use all the keys on my computer, yes please.

This week has been unendingly long, and also one that’s been fairly unpleasant.

I cringe even as I type that because it’s my nature to keep it positive, and to understand that in the grand scheme it’s all good (and yes, I know it is, really), but last night the last thing I did before I went to bed was step in actual, for real, shit, (but you guys, it’s funny this morning, right?) and so I feel like maybe it’s time for a safe space rant.

Things that I would like to put out into the world as a result of this week’s events:

1. Plumbers are expensive. So are people who set up crazy, industrial-sized dryers in your baby’s bedroom and then say we’ll be back in four days for these.

2. 45 degree weather in May is a bummer.

3. People should just be nice on a baseline level. I’ve been trying to be all Four Agreements and remember not to take things personally, but man that is tougher than it sounds.

4. The thing you (I) have to remember about people who maybe aren’t acting nice on a baseline level is that they’re probably not nice to themselves either. At least we don’t have to be them, right?

5. Sleeping in one bedroom as a family sounds sweet, but is actually the worst. If you do it you will be a zombie.

6. I have never been happier to greet Friday morning.

And with that, I’m off to tote Boo to daycare and get some work done. I’m 100% positive that the long weekend will make up for the less-than-ideal week I seem to have latched onto, and that I’ll return on Tuesday with a better attitude and a sunnier outlook.

I’m off to listen to T. Swift in an attempt to hustle that outcome along.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it (and I’m getting it, chicks).

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days in the desert.

Just a quick one, since I’m starting to feel the jet lag, and oh yeah, there’s work to be done in Dubai.

The good news is, I survived the 13 hour flight and didn’t even have to bother VB once by summoning him to help me through a panic attack.

A huge achievement, if you ask me.

Probably a huge relief, if you ask him.

Our event isn’t actually until tomorrow, so today I spent the first part of the day sunning myself (it’s super hot here, but also, there’s a great pool) and then grabbed lunch, saw an aquarium modeled after Atlantis, and now am relaxing until our next meeting.

Well, I was relaxing until a bird popped from the balcony into my room and I had to reason with it to get out.

It’s hot bird, I get it.

Still, you don’t belong.


Dubai so far (to be fair, “so far” is only like 20 hours, and I haven’t really been beyond this giant resort) is kind of like Vegas + Disneyworld + something else that I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s clean, it’s rich, it’s beautiful, but people don’t really talk to me when I’m with my boss (I get it, culturally different) and so it feels a little less friendly than my average day.

But you can’t beat the view.

dubai in the morning

And with that, I’m off to attempt to make it through the rest of my day in one piece. Enjoy this Monday, chickens!

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globe trotting.

Morning everyone!

I’m a little late this morning, but I’m running around today, finishing up work and getting ready for my trip across the world.

And downloading tons of Mad Men, books, and music to keep my anxiety at bay on the plane.

And yes, I counted all my Xanax- I should be good.

Among my “let’s get ready for a trip to Asia” activities is making a sauce for my boys to eat in my absence (with two pounds of the Wagenschutz men’s favorite macaroni- rotini), gathering up all of my chargers, packing snacks, and wondering if I can fit this guy into my suitcase:


Also, I took part in a frantic conversation this morning with my bffs about how we would keep in touch while I was international, and luckily, we have all now downloaded WhatsApp so that we can chat over wifi.

I decided that instead of trying to get a global plan for four days, I would just seize the opportunity to become a little less dependent on my device (but who am I kidding because I can still message and FaceTime on wifi and who even calls people, anyway?) while I’m in the desert.

In addition, I waited too long to ask IT about an international phone, so really I’m just late to the game and trying to turn it into a learning experience.

Nothing wrong with that, chickadees.

And now I’m off to finish up a day full of calls, picking up Boo, grilling in the delightful warmth that Chicago’s currently experiencing, and downloading everything I own to my iPad and hoping it adds up to 26 hours, which is how long I’ll be in flight over the next week.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, and stay tuned to my debrief from the desert!

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long stretches.

Morning chickadees!

After a string of actually warm and sunny days, the rain has started up again.

I’ll try not to take it personally.

We’re already at Tuesday, somehow, after a weekend that included long walks, Derby parties, sunning ourselves, and making good use of the deck and the grill.

So essentially, all of my favorite things.

This week is fast moving and all business, since I have two flights (one of them at 13.5 hours) at the end of it.

In order to combat my growing anxiety about being in the air that long (yes, I know it’s irrational, and so yes, I have a prescription), I’ve begun researching the most efficient ways to pack as though I have never flown before.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

The plus side to my mania: I will not run out of plane snacks, books, or movies.

I’ll be reporting back on whether or not I cover my face with a scarf and spend half a day with my knees in my chest.

Somebody pray for my unsuspecting seat mate.

And with that, I’m off to pay some attention to the tiny man who’s wedged himself next to me.

Apparently he’s got some computer work of his own to get through before the morning commute.

Enjoy this one, chickens!

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five good things: it’s gonna be may edition

Morning, chickadees! This has been another fast-paced week, and all of a sudden, I find myself at Friday again.


In honor of making it until the weekend (almost), let’s talk about five.good.things:

1. Last night JW, Boo, and I went to Aus’ National Honor Society induction. We walked in late and basically ended up in the procession with the high school students. Tobin spotted us, and noted “Oh good, my brother’s here,” when he saw Boo coming. I have no actual pictures of the inductee, oh whom I am very proud (and also, how did you get to be so old, my red-headed devil?), but here’s a cute one of the “brudders” after the ceremony:


2. Last week I booked a ticket to Dubai for a rather short work trip considering the 16 hours of flying it will take to get there.  I leave in a week.

After wading through feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving Boo and going so far away and wondering exactly how many Xanax it will take for me to ward off mid-flight panic attacks, I have decided that this is actually a pretty awesome trip, and have decided to act accordingly.

Dubai, here I come.

3. I’ve been getting myself to the gym on a more consistent basis this week, which I’m hoping is the start of a good habit. I’m also hoping I don’t injure something with my attempt at swinging weights as if they’re bells.

You gotta start somewhere.

4. This weekend is supposed to beautiful, which means that maybe, just maybe, it’s actually spring. It also means grilling, playground-ing, and ditching our coats.

I’m not holding my breath, but I am excited to get out into the sunshine. I wore a dress yesterday and noticed that my skin is essentially translucent at this point.

5. When I woke up this morning, Boo wasn’t in my bed. As a sometimes we co-sleep out of desperation but it’s the worst kind of parent, this was a great way to start the day.

And with that, chickens, Boo and I are headed out into the world. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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picking up the pace.

Morning, chickens.

We moved the desk into the living room, making for an easier user experience, as every night after 7:30 it became unavailable as Boo had to go to bed.

A brillant idea.

Except that Theo now spends his mornings hanging off my leg, pleading for me to pick him up, which is super cute until I realize that all he really wants is to type (read: smash keys) on the computer.

And yet, I fall for it every time.

I’m a sucker, you guys.

This morning, I convinced him to try something different by handing him an old phone of JW’s that we found the charger for–great parenting.

However, I suspect he’s disappointed that it’s not an iPhone, judging from the fact that he’s now playing with his shoe instead.

Other items: we made it through Monday (mostly) alive, I’m still slogging through library books, and I started playing soccer again.

I am far too old to play soccer, as I actually moved out of the way during the second half of the game when someone was coming at me and I thought I really don’t want to break my glasses. Or my body.

I still loved it.

Welcome to your thirties, chickadees.

And with that, I’m off to consume the amount of coffee necessary for me to forget that I spent half the night on my couch while Boo spent half the night in my bed.

It is so key to his survival that he’s adorable.

Enjoy this one!

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constant laughter and spring dishes.

Theo’s learning where all the parts of his body are, by which I mean he’s grabbing his head a lot.

This morning’s most hysterical moment:

JW: I didn’t think this through.

Me: What?

JW: I gave peanut butter toast to Boo, and now he’s showing me where his head is.

There are things to laugh about every day, chickadees.


I’m over at Garlic, My Soul today, doing my monthly duties by posting about something delicious that I made spoiler alert: there are peas and mint and pasta and ricotta involved, so you want it).

Confession: I didn’t make anything.

But it was still delicious.

Check it out over here.

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