Fall Reading Update

So guys, I always read a ton. And I always tell people it’s because it’s the only thing I can stay still to do (which is true! Ask anyone. I can’t. Sit. Still. And yet I work an office job–it’s a paradox folks). But in the fall, when it’s getting cold and blustery, I especially love curling up with a book on the couch (Or in bed. Or on the El. Or while I’m icing at PT. I don’t discriminate).

So anyway, two weeks ago it was Halloween-y time. And Audrey Niffenegger had come out with a new book. And the Chicago Public library had informed me it was ready to pick up.

‘Twas a perfect storm of seasonal literary goodness.

So, I set out to read this gem of a book, written by the woman who brought the world The Time Traveler’s Wife (which, if you haven’t read, you should. Get out there! Go get it!). This is what the new book looks like:


Looks scary, right?


While this book is surely no Time Traveler’s Wife, it was definitely worth delving into during this Halloween season. Niffenegger writes in a way that is lyrical and easy to fall into; she’s nothing if not an excellent story teller. This book takes place mostly in an apartment outside the Highgate Cemetary in London, and is a story about inviduality, family, and most important, ghosts. It’s easy to say that the story is so far fetched as to be slightly confusing in places, but I keep reminding myself that this is precisely how I felt while reading her first book. You have to turn the page back from time to time to really know what’s going on, but there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve decided. It’s good to go over the words for a second time. The end of this book is sad but satisfying–there is not a way for this plot to end with all the loose strings tied up, and Niffenegger does not insult her readers by trying to find a way to do it. This book should not disappoint those who loved her first book.

That’s how I felt anyway, and I’d wager to feel you’d feel the same. It was just the perfect amount of spooky, unrealistic, ghostiness.

And even though it’s November, I would recommend it anyway.

Anyway children, I’m off to Seattle for the weekend (for work only-bummer), but I’ll be back. Happy Friday everyone!

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