Love a Weekend.

So far, only hours into it, I’ve gotten lots accomplished. Last night, Ky, Jon and I met up with my old friend Jared. He lives in MI and was visiting with his lovely, funny girlfriend Jamie who I had never met. I hadn’t seen him in forever and it was great to see his hysterical, smiling face.

It was also great to finally go to Finley Dunnes, which is not really a dive bar like I thought, but just a nice, Irish-y pub with Sam Adams on tap.

Can’t go wrong there.

This morning JW and I realized that we had not even a piece of toast to our name, so we went out to Wishbone, where I had an awesome breakfast burrito and about 10 gallons of coffee.

As I tried to run five miles on the treadmill, I instantly regretted both of those things. It wasn’t happening, not with breakfast burrito in the bottom of my stomach. I trudged through about four miles and then headed home to do some pilates instead.

That ended much more successfully.

An amazingly successful trip to Trader Joe’s followed my workout, and now JW and I are relaxing until we meet some friends for a little Morton’s/Restaurant Week Action. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow, but it involves good company, and steak, so all is right in the world.

And if that was not enough, tonight I’m headed over to Duffy’s with these guys:

These guys are fun.

The Chicago Riot Rugby team (JW’s pride and joy) are having a ridiculous open bar event tonight over at Duffy’s, so basically I’ll be pretending I’m 22 for the night.

Which is fine with me. I liked 22.

Even if it was messy and as Jon reminded me this morning, sometimes involved me falling down a flight of stairs.

I’ll be wearing flats tonight. Problem solved.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

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  1. Yeah for Morton’s & Duffy’s! I gotta feeling… WOOO HOOO!

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