Take me out…to Goose Island?

Last night was an alumni event for Loyola, and included both an open bar at Goose Island, and tickets to the Cubs’ game.

How could you say no to that?

Ky didn’t even go to Loyola and she knows you don’t pass up that opportunity.

KT, JD, Ky, and myself all congregated on the patio of the bar, beers in hand, by 5:30. It had been a couple weeks since the four of us had all been in one place, so we chatted, laughed obnoxiously, and ate plates of chicken fingers and tortilla chips.

And had some more beer.

At one point, we noticed the crowd was thinning out. We got another beer. Unfortunately, they were out of 312, so it was Honker’s Ale for us.

We then realized the game was in the third inning. We were the only ones left on the patio.

Finding ourselves in the same position as we had been last year at this event, we attempted to chug the Honker’s (if you’re familiar, this is not really a “chugging” beer) and headed out through the parking lot to the game.

Where we found our seats and had another beer.

The game itself was also fun, due to being in the company of my fellow Ramblers, and the fact that the Cubs actually pulled it out and won the game.

I could barely remember the words to “Go Cubs Go,” since it had been so long.

Good thing they put the words up on the big screen.

I don’t know what I’m doing in that picture with my hand. Or my squinty eye, really.

My apologies.

Anyway, although the evening was a lot of fun, and I got myself home at a decent hour, the combination of beer and fried food did a number on my night of sleep, so when 5:10 came this morning and it was time to rise for my workout, I was certain it wasn’t going to happen.

Sorry, training plan, but you’ll have to wait until after work.

So up tonight is a bike/run combination, and hopefully by then, I’ve coerced my body back into training mode.

No more fried food, I promise.

At least not until the weekend. After that, all bets are off.

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One response to “Take me out…to Goose Island?

  1. This makes me so excited… since we’re going to be using the “office tab” aka money from the soda machine in the breakroom, I’m contemplating all the stadium food I can get. I want fried food… and beer… ahhhhh

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