Five Good Things: Down to the Wire Edition

Morning, chickadees!

Monday morning is a little easier for me to bear this week, because I only need to be in my cubicle for two days.

Then it’s off to Waterloo for this kid.

Anyway, let’s get to it:

1. As previously mentioned, two day week. And then next week, one day week (random, I know). In any case, I have only 3 working days left in 2010 and 9 days to spend doing whatever I want.

Which is probably watching movies and gabbing. I’m easy to please.

2. My baby sister is coming in from L.A. tomorrow! Since she moved to the glamorous city of angels, I simply do not lay eyes on her enough. But tomorrow night she’ll be in Chicago, and then I’ll keep her up late, telling her ridiculous stories and making her laugh so hard she forgets it’s only 20 degrees here.

On a good day.

3. Bears game tonight! I’ve been analyzing it from every angle, biting my nails all last night when I thought the Packers might actually beat those robot Patriots, and seriously considering whether or not a snowman could make a good back-up quarterback for the Vikings.

It’s gonna be cold out there.

Let’s go Bears. I need a win for Christmas.

4. The library finally coughed up all of my books, just in time for the holiday. I’ve got some Julia, Steinbeck, and Mark Twain to get me through the last leg of 2010. Also, finally, I physically have in my paws my book club book, which I.must.knock.out.

I have some things to lug to Waterloo, it seems.

5. Yesterday I not only got myself to the gym, but ran a 5k on the treadmill without falling off or dying. Maybe because I am gradually regaining my conditioning.

Or maybe because I was listening to this:

I love a tough girl anthem, even if it’s by a near-teenager.

Judge me if you will, I can’t help it.

I’ll be up for round two tonight.

All right chickpeas, I’m running late, so I’m off, but I’ll catch you on the other side of Monday!

P.S. 6th good thing: No more DADT! Good job, everybody-next time, let’s move things along a little quicker, cool? Cool.



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3 responses to “Five Good Things: Down to the Wire Edition

  1. Yea for not dying on the treadmill!
    Although I am concerned about tonight’s game. I’m aware the players might be “bitching” a little more than necessary, but with all the weirdness about concussions in sports going around, you’d think the NFL would be a little more worried as well? I dunno…

  2. coloradobee

    I am completely obsessed with Taylor’s new cd… and to make you feel better I got it the very same day it was released. I was waiting anxiously for it. It’s so good!

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