Even the vegetables don’t like him

Morning chicks.

We’re two days from Christmas and yesterday the Palluzzi clan spent the day running appropriate errands to procure all eight thousand pieces of fish necessary for tomorrow’s great feast.

More to come on that.

It’s my favorite meal of the year, which is saying a lot, since, as we all know, I eat a lot of meals.

Anyway, we also started in with the Christmas movies, selecting Muppet Christmas Carol as our first contender.

I forgot how funny Muppets are.

Pretty friggin’ funny, in case you were wondering.

Good thing I have two more Muppet holiday treats before I must turn to live action creatures.

Have you seen this or this? Get to it, already- time is a wastin’.

In today’s news, even though it is the day before Christmas Eve and as stated previously, tomorrow is The Best Meal of the Year, my mother has invited over half of the town for pizza.

She tells me it’s not that many people.

That’s what she always says.

In any case, it will be a day of last minute wrapping, gabbing, chopping, and eating.

Pretty standard, actually.

Hope everyone else is hustling home to their own traditions and their own famiglia.

Catch you chickpeas later.






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3 responses to “Even the vegetables don’t like him

  1. Aunt Kathy

    Leaving tonight on the red eye for the East Coast! Glad you are having fun. Love you.

  2. Lara

    Ach! So jealous of what you’re going to be eating tomorrow. Found out yesterday that they have the same sort of thing in Poland, except it’s 12 courses!

    Miss you oodles, be sure to watch Heatmiser/Coldmiser and give everyone a big hug for me!

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