Where’s the grappa?

Merry Christmas Eve, chicks!

I’ll probably be updating tomorrow with a recap of today’s day of cooking and feasting.

You’ll probably be jealous.

And now, a few notes on last night.

Can we clean out the guest room for coats? my mom asked.

Sure, we’ll move the gifts to under the tree.

We piled gifts under the tree, and I remarked,

We could probably move to a grab bag situation at Christmas.

Don’t be ridiculous, my mom said.

We kept piling.

Later, when all the presents were under the tree, my mom looked at all the gifts.

We have to move some of these. There are too many.

Don’t be ridiculous, I said.

Hide the gifts. My mom said.


I was watching the beginning of Despicable Me with a bunch of kids in the living room, and the conversation turned to the movie Up.

You know what part I don’t like? said Stella, the six-year old.

The part when Kevin is woun…when he’s wounded.

I’m pretty sure she’s smarter than I am.


What else should I write about?

The Grappa! my father said.

Where is it? he said, looking around.

Probably down your gullet, I’m thinking.

Christmas Eve is here, chickadees, enjoy it!



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