Back at it

And back to my cubicle.

But just for the day, so I promise not to complain.

JW and I took off yesterday for Chicago in the afternoon, only to take a detour about an hour later.

We’re in the money?

Not really, but there is nothing like playing a couple slot machines to ease the stress of a morning full of wedding planning.

The casino’s right off the highway, and we watched it being built over the past few years- now that it was complete, we needed to try it out.

And I can only say no to JW so many times before actually realizing that a little roadside gambling might not be the worst thing.

And it wasn’t.

Anyway, we came out fairly even, which was good, because it meant we had money for gas station snacks and sodas.

Imperative to the ride.

When we got home, we stopped at Whole Foods and grabbed the two largest salads I’ve laid eyes on.

The lack of vegetables in the past week’s festivities was a bit alarming.

I think we started to make up for it.

But I’m making pasta tonight.

My shirt still buttoned this morning, so I’m taking that as a sign that everything is going to turn out okay.

For now though, I’m headed for a day in my cubicle, tying up some loose ends and remembering what my office looks like.

Hope everyone’s still relaxing!



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2 responses to “Back at it

  1. Enjoy your first day back… ugh. I wish I still had one more day to relax!

  2. Grace Hendricks

    Glad to hear you got back to Chicago. Relax a little because by the time you get home from work your family will be there..Love you…

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