Take two.

We did the shopping for the wedding dresses.

I did not die.

Or break anything.

Or ruin any dresses.

Or sweat too much.

Or eat at any chain restaurants (although I was in the suburbs, mecca of chain restaurants)

I even liked a few selections, so I’ll be back.

If I live through the triple threat of appointments I have scheduled for today.

I literally dove into more than a dozen dresses (with only about a third that made me look like a cupcake), and paraded around in front of giant mirrors which were both awesome and frightening at the same time.

Is it necessary to view yourself in so many angles?

I guess in this situation, the answer is probably.

Also for today: working on my reaction when someone nicely says “Congratulations! How exciting!”

I think I’ve been wincing.

Because of the stress and the sweating, not because of the lack of excitement.

I believe there’s room for improvement here.

Post dress extravangza, my family went to Costco, bought some goods in bulk, and came home to eat dinner.

And flipped through some more magazines.

And binged on Modern Family.

Which is seriously the funniest show ever.

Now, I’m off to do it all again.

Wish me luck, times two.



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3 responses to “Take two.

  1. I wonder at what point you start to roll your eyes at the “congrats!”? I’m going to guess about 6 to 7 months in… let me know if this is accurate.

  2. Al Knox

    I have heard that David’s is a great place to go for a gown. Good luck little flower

  3. Auntie Rosemary

    I’m sure you looked beautiful in everything you tried on. But, this wedding dress ritual is just that, a ritual. I would be very concerned if you picked “the one” on your first trip. When it is the right one, you will know it. To me, you would look splendid if you took your vows in some shorts and a tank top. But, I’m afraid, tradition just won’t allow that. Try to savor the quality time you are spending with loved ones, even though sometimes those loved ones can make you crazy (although, I think all your family members are absolutely top shelf). It’s all part of this special time in your life. And, yes, I agree. Modern Family is an knee slapping scream.

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