Enter: New Year

Happy New Year chicks!

Last night was spent in a fairly low key manner with my family, playing card games, watching television, standing outside on my deck (it was a freakish 50 degrees last night. We had the windows open. They were still open this morning, when it had dropped to 30 degrees. Fail.) and eating eight million times more than we should have.

I am serious.

On the menu were stuffed mushrooms, baked brie, crabbies (these are basically English Muffins spread with cheese, crab meat, and butter, and then baked), bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped dates (couldn’t tell you which I liked better- they were awesome), chicken nachos, and a slew of dips, chips, and cookies.

There were less than ten of us, I must mention at this point.

My refrigerator is busting full.

This seems like a good way to start a new year though.

This morning, JW and I woke up, brewed some coffee, and decided that on account of some important things coming up in 2011, and the recent eating habits we’ve fallen into (see again listing of last night’s menu), it was a good idea to get things off to a motivational start.

So we signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle. It’s my favorite 8k, and also, a tradition in Chicago-  this is the race that opens race season.

It’s also the race that I convinced JW to do with me a couple of years ago, despite the snow on the ground and the dangerous course conditions and freezing temperatures.

I told him it would be okay.

He injured himself when someone ran into him at a water station.

Last year, he declined my invitation to join me.

However, this year the race has moved a couple of weeks, so it takes place in April, which means a better chance of running in the slush.

And less injuries.

And layers, I hope.

In any case, this might be the motivation I need to get myself on track.

Or here’s hoping anyway.

Today we’ll be having one final farewell meal with my family (I hope so anyway, since we have 13 bagels hanging out in the pantry), and then trying to figure out how to use all of our leftovers, and perhaps even braving the gym (TBD there, as I believe we all know everyone will be doing the same thing this morning).

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your night was great, and welcome to 2011!


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