The long stretch

Sometimes, when it’s post Christmas and New Years’, and after Monday, you don’t have a day off until Memorial Day, it’s necessary to pull out pictures of Mexico for motivation.

Summer’s bound to show up again at some point, right?

Yesterday I returned to the gym, which actually was not as crowded as I anticipated (although please come find me Monday or Tuesday. I am sure it will be so busy that I have no choice but to recumbent bike. Then I will be displeased). I got through a little over four miles in a walk/run situation, and then got caught up on a bike for a few minutes.

I tend to really throw myself at a goal.

My sore legs are regretting it a bit this morning.

In any case, I’ll be getting myself back there today.

See the overzealous approach above.

Yesterday after JW and I waved goodbye to my family, aside from the gym, we did little except watch movies, make some chicken/rice soup, and hang around.

It was a good day.

Today, we’re hoping to pack up Christmas (and drag our tree into the alley), do some laundry, and watch our Bears play one more regular season game.

And then, in a great twist of fate, I have Monday off.

Nothing like easing back into a five day work week as slowly as possible.

And now, I’m off to get things done. Good luck out there chicks!


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