One last day…

Ok, kids.

Today is officially my last day off before heading back into my cubicle until Memorial Day.

I’m not being dramatic about it at all.

My to-do list is long, finishing with book club with the ladies and discussing this quirky title:

As of this moment, I am not quite through it, but on my list of to-dos is a marathon reading session this afternoon.

So far, the book is odd, interesting, and although bizarre at times, hits alarmingly close to home.

I know that doesn’t make sense.

You’ll have to pick it up yourself.

Also on the agenda on this fine day: hopping back into the pool with my former-triathlon-training-partner-and-still-coworker-and-friend CJ.

I finally purchased a new bathing suit, as the last one was worn through from the buckets of chlorine in the pool.

It wasn’t fit for the family-friendly Y.

But I’m decent now, and I’m ready to hit the lanes.

We’ll see if I can do more than two laps without drowning.

After that, a slew of activities before resigning myself to a life of routine.

If I’m being honest though, I do love a routine.

Even when it includes waking up early and CTA-ing it to the office.

Enjoy the first Monday of the New Year chicks!



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2 responses to “One last day…

  1. Enjoy the last day off. I’m a tish jealous.

    I’m also extremely curious about that book… please review it when you’re done!!

  2. Grace Hendricks

    Enjoy your day off. Get ready for the new year which should be a great year for you and JW.. Happy New year again….Love you guys. Grandma

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