Five Good Things: edition (round 1)

Morning chicks!

I’m headed back to the office in just a few quick minutes, but I wanted to check in before I brave the El and the daily grind again.

Okay, onto the five things that are gonna make this week good, even with the back to work blues.

1. Last night was book club. My book club traditionally reads things I would have never picked up my own, but I think that’s the point. In addition, we don’t really focus on the book for the entirety of the “club meeting.” Here is an excerpt from last night’s hostess’, MC, e-mail to us yesterday:

And FINALLY–to anyone out there in email land who did not read the book, you should come anyway because you know we’ll probably only talk about it for about 10 minutes before switching to other sundry topics such as our sex lives, other people’s sex lives, who was drunk on NYE & how much, politics/current events, Nikki’s wedding, this month’s Real Simple, who’s been running and who’s been lazy, that new restaurant we want to try, and whether or not to get dogs/cats.

She was mostly right.

My friends are tops.

2. Yesterday CJ and I went swimming at the Y. My arms still hurt this morning and my new supposedly athletic bathing suit seems to be low cut (whyyyyyyyyy??), but otherwise, I’m feeling accomplished and like I remember why swimming’s one of my favorite athletic endeavors.

There were, however, a lot of old women bitching about the “resolutionists.” Also I felt like they were maybe looking in my direction, but I go to the gym. I refuse to feel ashamed.

I’m glad that’s out there.

3. New book for the commute this morning. and it’s about Julia, so I’m hoping it’s a quick, good read.

I haven’t read quite as much as I anticipated this vacation, so I’m glad for the commute so I have an excuse to get back into it.

4. Last night I am some seasonally inappropriate asparagus (purchased by my father, who seemed to be misguided at Whole Foods. I said brussel sprouts or broccoli. He brought me asparagus and arugula). In any case, the only thing worse than having seasonally inappropriate vegetables is wasting them, so I searched for some good ideas, and came up with this by Deb at Smitten Kitchen. The verdict was that it was delicious.

I’ll save the next round for spring though.

5. Parenthood is back tonight. I have missed that crazy Braverman family. If you watch it, you should be excited too.

If you don’t watch it, it’s a new year. Add it to your queue–this is a good one.


Okay, chicks, I’m off to hit the train with the rest of Chicago–hope everyone’s week is moving along!


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One response to “Five Good Things: edition (round 1)

  1. I like the sounds of your book club… he he he. At least you’ve got a good “cover story” for the gossip hour.

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