Chugging along.

Welcome to Friday, chickadees!

I haven’t even hit the first full week of the year, and I’m ready for a break.

2011’s wearing me out.

Last night I headed to the gym, crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t be full to the brim with fitness newbies.

And it wasn’t, which was equally disturbing.

In any case, I ran myself a 5k (without dying and with increased speed- so up from huffing and puffing to mild shortness of breath) and then did some elliptical-ing.

Which I still hate and think is intensely boring, in case you’re wondering.

Plus, my feet fall asleep.

However, I’m even less fond of injuries than I am of that damned machine, so I endure cross training.

This morning CJ and I revisited the ghosts of our old selves and headed for the Y for a dawn breaking swim.

Also, some kickboard paddling and chatting.

Everyone needs a warm up, right?

Getting back in the pool feels pretty good- except that my old coordination issues are back.

So far I’ve only swam into the wall though, not my lane-mate.

Tonight- Black Swan, which I’ve heard eight million things about, so I figured it was time to get to the bottom of it myself.

Tomorrow I’m braving a 2011 return to kettlebells and the Russian with JD, and then, as a reward, heading to a party in the evening.

Also this weekend- my favorite museum!

Not only are there exhibits, but you don't have to be quiet. And you can climb on things. My kind of place.

Lots to look forward to, even in this frosty tundra. So get out there and enjoy it chicks!


Hopefully it continues in that fashion.


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One response to “Chugging along.

  1. MB

    LOVED black swan!! – not a happy movie but you can’t take your eyes off of Natalie!! Let me know what you think – happy weekend 😉

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