Tongue Tied

Yesterday was a typical Monday.

Work, work, dinner, work.

With a break for Easy A.

I would like to now proclaim my love for Stanley Tucci, in anything he does.

Also, Emma Stone is pretty funny. All in all, cute movie.

Love a teenage comedy on a weeknight.

Up next on the agenda:

Let me tell you a quick story.

Three times a year (the next of these times being tomorrow), I have a call to go over materials to send to a meeting with a program director.

We go over a checklist of items.

Things like: agenda, handouts, pens.

Check, check, check.

And then, then it comes.


Yes…says my director.

Attendee List?


At this point, she’s waiting for the next item.

The one that I hate saying, three times a year.

Because the next thing that comes out of my mouth is:

And of course, I’ll send the sticky balls.

This is when I furiously mute the phone and giggle like a high schooler as she says,

Great, sounds like we’re done.

The “sticky balls” are actually used like rain sticks at a tribal meeting, and whoever has them at the meeting gets to speak.

I really wish I could send a rain stick instead.

Anyway, think of me as I try to control myself  in a professional manner.

Check you later, chickadees.



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3 responses to “Tongue Tied

  1. Stanley Tucci is one of the coolest dads ever in that movie. “You’re adopted?!?! Who told you that?!?!!”


  2. Margie

    I recall other terms being used to describe these balls…such as squishy and furry. By far the best best phrase ever spoken by said director during my time was “We need to be on them like mosquitos on juicy flesh.” Haha! Yuck.

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