headed into the weekend early

Thank you Friday, for finally showing your face.

I need a big dose of weekend or I will surely lose it.

And why not? I’ve lost everything else this week anyway, so it’s a trend.

The ID is still MIA.

This morning I asked JW where our passports were, since it looks like that might be my permission-for-margarita identification tonight, and he just looked at me and sighed.

“Well, you had them last.”


It might be Diet Cokes for me tonight.

Unless Fernando’s takes library cards as a form of identification.

But probably not.

Last night, JK, CJ and I decided that post work party, the next logical step was to head out to get a drink.

CJ suggested Pippin’s, a place I thought could potentially be a bit, ahem, on the sketchy side.

Plus I was, of course, worried about getting in without an ID.

As I was opening my mouth to express my sentiments on the establishment, we turned the corner, and noticed a police van and some officers standing in front of the bar.

Time for a change of plans.

We ended up at Streeter’s, an equally weird (underground) bar where I simply ignored the man asking for IDs and headed downstairs.

This worked out just fine, which is something I wish I had known when I was nineteen.

I will pause at this point to mention that CJ and JK were hauling around 12-packs of soda, given to them by our generous hostess.

The other bar patrons seemed to think it was odd to carry in your own carbonated beverages.

I thought it was too, so I couldn’t blame them.

In fact, our waitress finally asked us why we were toting cola in the bar, but I don’t think her explanation made her like us any more.

I’ve participated in far stranger events.

Like watching a drunk couple playing jenga with bricks in the bar.

This kept ending badly, in a cascade of  heavy bricks two feet from JK.

This did not stop them from repeat performances.

In any case, it was a good false start to the not-quite-started yet weekend.

And now, chickadees, I’m out to get the last eight hours in my cubicle finished. Have a good one!






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2 responses to “headed into the weekend early

  1. Julie Hermann

    Streeters…… I used to work there when I first moved to Chicago as a Pharm student (and was on the waiting list to get an interview at the hospital). My roommate worked there and that’s how I got the job. It filled my financial gap until a more respectable job opened up in the hospital. My father was none to pleased with this. lots of memories from there!

  2. MB


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