Every mile is two in winter

Pros: It’s Friday.

I’m getting a haircut.

JW and I are going out for tapas tonight.

I’m starting to feel again as though I belong to the land of the living.

Cons: It’s -30 degrees out with the windchill.

I have to leave the house this morning.

I’m wearing leggings under my jeans.

Did I mention how cold it is outside?

I’ve never been less excited about a commute.

In other news, last night I decided that I had simply had enough of eating soup out of cans and two minutes dinners because of my illness.

Plus, the routine of come home, change into pajamas, and lay on the couch was getting kind of old.

So when I got home, I tried my hand at a JW-recommended recipe for Italian Wedding Soup, which I’ve actually never made.

It was awesome. And relatively easy, aside from the making of all the tiny meatballs, which was simply time consuming.

That's a lot of meatballs.

It’s also one of my only pictures, since I got distracted trying to keep JW from eating all of them before I could get them into the soup.

Still, a delicious option when it’s cold and dark out.

The weekend has never looked so sweet to me at this point, and I can’t wait to spend tomorrow recouping and relaxing in preparation for  a day dedicated to THE BEARS.

Hope everyone’s revving up for a weekend full of cold weather and playoff games!



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2 responses to “Every mile is two in winter

  1. I love Italian Wedding Soup out of a can. I can only imagine the deliciousness of it homemade…

  2. Grace Hendricks

    Your meatballs looked great. It sure is cold in Chicago. We expect cold cold weather this weekend. We had 5 inches of snow last night. twenty inches last week. Getting tired of winter. Have a great weekend. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!! Love you..

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