Baby you’re the only light I ever saw

This month’s grayness is literally unending.

A little more sunshine, a little less snow, if you please.

In the meantime, I’ll listen to melancholy John Mayer and thank you not to judge me too harshly.

Yesterday morning I dragged my sorry bones out of bed and threw them into a pool, begrudgingly.

I was the only one there, except the lifeguard, so my weird low cut one piece and I eked out a whole quiet mile before my arms and legs finally decided,

we are quite finished here, thank you.

There is nothing better than an empty pool for starting your day.

Tonight, I try yoga with Ky in the pursuit of flexibility and calm.

Two areas in which I’m lacking.

This should be an interesting endeavor.

Also last night, plenty of this, a nice big glass of white wine, an unending basket of unmatched socks (all mine- JW’s socks always show up. Mine are much more unruly) and what may be my new favorite television show, Downton Abbey.

So what if it’s on PBS?

It’s about British aristocracy post-Titanic and pre-WWI, and it’s got more drama than Gossip Girl.

It’s also got Maggie Smith.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but GG is decidedly lacking in Academy Award winning Dames.

You should probably be DVRing this.

And now, I’m off to tackle another day, me against the elements of

Have a good one chickadees!



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