Parting the skies and starting the weekend

I feel like giving everyone a high five, because here we are, finally at Friday morning.

It has been a seriously long week, but it’s very nearly the weekend, and also I think I might see a sliver of blue sky.

We’ll see how long the sunshine, in whatever form, lasts.

In addition, NPR tells me the high temperature today should be in the 30s, which at this stage in the game is basically tropical.

Don’t try to tell me otherwise, my warm climate friends.

After work tonight my plan is to relax with some red wine, Thai take out, and Netflix, since I’m heading back to the Russian’s claws (and kettlebells) tomorrow early after a week off for recovery from super bug.

It’s always worse when you take a week off.

I think it makes him laugh. He’ll probably tell us he never gets sick, because of the energy he gets from the universe.

Maybe he should hang with my new yoga instructor.

In any case, I look forward to a near sedentary Sunday in order to recover.

Too bad it’s football free-what will I do to occupy myself?

Ky suggests taking some time out to try this new recipe, which I have my reservations about, due to its inclusion of tofu.

Tofu and I have a strained relationship. I’m just not sure I get it.

But I do get baked pasta with cheese, and artichokes, so I’ll give it a chance, just this once.

I’ll let you guys know how it all turns out in the end.

Hope everyone else is headed into a relaxing and fun weekend–you deserve it, chickadees!





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One response to “Parting the skies and starting the weekend

  1. Enjoy the wine! I think I’ll be partaking in some more wine drinking tonight as well… 🙂 Happy weekend!

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