Taking it slow

Good afternoon, chickadees.

I’m lazing around this afternoon after a night with JW’s rugby team.

There was a formal.

There was some vodka.

I had a good time dancing and imbibing, but I’m feeling a little bit slow this morning.

In addition, I spent yesterday morning at kettlebell, getting my ass kicked by the Russian.

He seemed to think it was funny. When confronted about the fact that his warm-up wasn’t really a warm-up, but instead resembled some kind of army bootcamp exercise, he merely grinned and said,

“I just want you to get your money’s worth.”

Judging by the fact that the hundreds of squats I did have now made walking difficult this morning, I’d say I got my money’s worth.

Up on this lazy Sunday is making some curried lentil soup for dinners this week, braving a mac & cheese with tofu in Ky’s experiment, and dragging my tired bones to the gym.

I have a sinking feeling that if I lay around in this state, my legs might seize up on me out of protest.

So I’ll go walk on a treadmill for awhile and lament the loss of my range of motion for the next couple of days.

Hope everyone’s else Sunday is relaxing- I’m off to stir some pots.





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