In case you hadn’t heard, we’re supposed to get hit pretty hard with a blizzard tonight.

I say “we” because the Map-O-Blizzard is pretty much all encompassing everyone from the Midwest to the East Coast.

So if you’re not my sister, living it up in LA, you’re probably getting snowed in tonight.

Or maybe not. We all know how the weather can go.

In any case, it did snow last night, and it does look pretty windy out there, so, should the storm come, I’m glad I have prepared.

Which I did last night by pouring myself a cocktail and making a vat of PW’s chicken tortilla soup.

In addition, my fridge is stocked with curried lentils, tons of leftover mac & cheese, and some emergency lunch meat.

And some American cheese. My vice, my one true love.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, in the event that the power goes out, my plan is to simply move my bounty to the deck, where I’m assuming it will stay cold.

You know, on account of the blizzard.

Now all I need is for JW to get himself back from MI before the storm really sets in.

He’s in Grand Rapids doing an extremely.good.deed. He’s spending the morning in a hospital getting some tests for his upcoming bone marrow donation surgery, which he is undergoing for the SECOND time since I have known him.

Which basically means that even with the knowledge and experience that someone’s going to drill into his hip bones with giant needles, he’s doing it again.

When he potentially matched a couple of weeks ago, I nonchalantly asked if he was planning on giving if he turned out to be the best match.

Of course I am, he said. And that was that.

I guess I sort of knew that’s what he would say. He’s into helping other people, I like that about the guy.

In any case though, I’d like the man back in the city before Lake Michigan turns into a tidal wave situation and the gusts start to blow away small children.

So send your good energies toward his old, nearly useless van.

And now, I’m off to get on the El.

If this turns out to be a flurry, I will declare Chicago the most dramatic city of all time.

But I’ll love it just the same.




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4 responses to “Snowmaggedon?

  1. I hope JW makes it back safely.

    Crossing fingers for a snow day… crossing fingers…

    I’ll be straight-up pissed if we get a few flurries and call it a day. You have no idea. It may be grounds to move.

  2. Erin

    I need that chicken tortilla soup recipe!

  3. Aunt Kathy

    Thanks to Jon for helping! I am on the registry but have never been called. I’m with him, though. What’s a little pain to help the life of another?

    Stay warm and safe in the storm! I’m in CT and we are getting it here, too.

    Love you,
    Aunt Kathy

  4. karla

    from someone who love love LOVES her cancer patients, a big, huge, enormous thank you to JW! i know so many kids in need of a donor and it’s the greatest gift he could give. thank you from the bottom of my heart…and from everyone needing a bone marrow

    JW just went up HUGE notches in my book 🙂 [not that he wasn’t already high for making one of the greatest gals I know happy!]

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