Snowed In

Okay, so all the skeptical feelings I was having about the snowstorm were squashed by 5:00 PM last night.

Which is what time JW finally got home, after his usually 3 hour drive from MI took over 5 hours.

We celebrated his arrival with wine and tortilla soup.

And popcorn and cookies.

It was a blizzard- we were living it up!

As the evening went on, we heard that Lake Shore Drive and Chicago Public Schools were closing, the combination of which basically meant that no one was leaving their houses any time soon.

So I’m spending my day on a laptop, working from home.

So is JW. Luckily, we’re operating from separate sides of the apartment, thus not disturbing one another’s professional tasks.

Really, all I want to do is go play in the snow.

It will have to wait until after work hours.

And until I scour my closet for some snow appropriate clothing.

However, I did throw on my coat and boots and head outside to snap a picture of what’s going on in the Lakeview neighborhood:

This is outside my door. I am such an investigative reporter.

I wanted to brave the rest of the neighborhood, but the snow drifts are bigger than I am, so I’m going to wait until the snow slows down some more.

Hope everyone else is safe and warm inside–enjoy your day cooped up chickadees!



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2 responses to “Snowed In

  1. Definitely show us tomorrow what your part of Chicago looks like! It’s nuts up here… I’m still completely stuck- even after an hour of shoveling!

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