Finishing Up

Chicks, this has been a weird, snowy week.

And I’m two conference calls and eight hours from finishing it up.

And then coming home and spending some quality time on my couch, since apparently being in a blizzard has not kept me in my house.

Last night I met my friends who weren’t working at my place, so we could help JW shovel his van out of the snow bank.

Except mostly we just drank wine.

And then we went to Fernando’s for dinner and margaritas.

This was a rookie mistake.

I think I was home by eleven, but it doesn’t matter, because I am now dehydrated, tired, and wishing I could have stayed in my warm bed for longer.

Not enough water, or dinner.

Too many margaritas.

As I am rapidly approaching the age of 27, one would think I had this formula down, but apparently, I could use some more work.

In any case, I’m getting myself back to good life decisions, starting tonight with a night of Netflix and my TR biography and a morning of kettlebell.

I can’t make any promises after that.

I hope the rest of you are having a more successful morning that I am, and that everyone’s got a good weekend to look forward to.


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