Superbowl Eats.

Morning, chicks.

Hope everyone had a lovely Superbowl weekend!

While I was hoping for a Steelers’ victory, it was a good game at my low-key viewing of the game, which took place from the couch in my apartment. because of my team’s elimination from the big game, Ky and I decided to focus on the food aspect of the evening. We decided to do a little faux Chipotle-burrito bowl creation, using PW’s Mexican rice recipe, PW’s steak marinade, and our imaginations.

The results were delicious, except that the rice took approximately 80 minutes instead of 15, and was still maybe a little undercooked and burned, both at the same time.

Ky and I profess to being terrible at cooking rice though, so it comes with the territory.

Onions and jalapeños to start the rice

Then we added tomatoes, spices, rice, and endless cups of water.

We sauteed some peppers and onions in chile powder, for good measure.

This is the steak, pre-cooking, post 24 hours in marinade. Awesome.

Black beans with garlic and cumin. Also delightful.

Then we chopped/grated everything in my kitchen.

And then we settled into football with giant bowls of burritos.

I won’t lie, my patience was tested in chopping up every single necessary item for the bowls.

And I nearly starved waiting for the rice to finally not be crunchy.

But these were fairly easy, and worth the wait, so I’d recommend them. Plus, the possibilities are endless.

And now, it’s back to the grind for me, chickadees. Have a good Monday!




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2 responses to “Superbowl Eats.

  1. Sigh… you had me at “burrito”…

  2. Ky

    Let’s be honest here about who did most of the chopping.

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