Let’s Get Physical

I have spent the past four days trying to reacquaint myself with physical exercise.

As in, I have done a different activity each day, starting with kettlebell, and ending with a swim with CJ this morning.

I will admit to you now that the swim consisted of a lot of paddling about on kick boards and chatting, but as CJ noted,

“This is the same as power walking!”

Maybe even better?

Don’t answer that.

In any case, I also ran myself up a GD incline that nearly killed me, and returned to spin class, where I realized that

a) my balance is not so good


b) spin class is hard

However, spin class also boasts great music, which almost makes up for the fact that I nearly bit it trying to stand up on the bike last night.

Must improve core strength.

Anyway, we’ve reached the middle of our week here, and I’m taking a rest day I think, as I spend my day stretching out my sore limbs.

Should the temperature ever rise above 20 again, I fully intend on taking a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

But since that day is probably not today, I will satisfy myself with a day tucked into my cubicle, a library run after work (to pick up the newest Alice Hoffman, which I am hoping is delightful), and some pork chops and hanging out with JW post work.

There are worse things, I think.

And now, I’m off.


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One response to “Let’s Get Physical

  1. I miss my walks during lunch. For sure.

    And I am awful on the bike. Spinning seems like it’d be easier for my balance, but still- I’m a danger to the public on those things.

    Happy Hump Day! Yours sounds like it’ll be a good one. 🙂

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