This is my confession

So this is my confession.

Several days ago, my 6 year old (okay, JW’s 6 year old) Mac finally died on us.

It had been making ridiculous, animal noises for the past couple months.

I had been trying to ignore it, and in the meantime, uploading every picture I had to Picasa.

Thank God, since we just lost everything we had stored on the old workhorse.

RIP, Mac.

In any case, I’ve been blogging in stolen bits of time (on lunch, after hours, etc) and I’m feeling rather rushed.

And also, untimely, as I’ve been writing the night before my posts actually hit all of you guys.

I feel a little out of touch, is all.

In any case, last night JW and I hit up the Apple store downtown and looked at the shiny new computers that were basically the opposite of our poor, growling, non-usable set.

We decided that although technically we could make do with a cheaper PC, we wanted a newer model of our old friend.

So this is what’s headed our way next week:

So hopefully by next week, I will no longer be blogging from under the cover of darkness.

Or something like that.

In the meantime, please ignore my un-thought-through posts in which I try to keep you amused.

Up today: slogging through another freezing cold day, trying to get some kind of physical activity under my belt, and getting excited about my birthday weekend, which is coming up quickly and poised to be all kinds of fun.

This is making my transition to my official late-20s far more tolerable, you see.

And on that note, enjoy your days, chickadees!





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