Coming at You

Ok, by the time this is actually published, it is Friday.

And I won’t see the beautiful city lit up at night for two whole days.

I don’t mind though, if we’re being honest.

Yesterday, I woke myself up earlier than normal and decided that I would get back into the Shred.

It’s been awhile.

Foolishly, I assumed that since I’ve been hitting up kettlebells for the past month or so, this would be a non-issue.

It turned out to be an issue.

That it had been awhile.

I made it through, but found out that it is much more difficult to do things correctly without a Russian literally moving your body into the correct positions if necessary.

I’m sorry I ever doubted that method as credible.

Anyway, at least I finished, thus completing the task of doing.physical.activity.

Then I hopped on a train to an eye exam, where I forked out $300 due to my near blindness.

Goodbye tax refund, sorry you couldn’t stay longer.

Tonight I’m heading into my birthday weekend, starting with dinner with JW at this Italian spot in Andersonville, recommended to me by my awesome hairstylist.

I love nothing more than a good recommendation. Movies, books, restaurants…tell me where to go and I will love you forever.

I also love nothing more than an Italian meal, so I’m hoping this is a good segway into a weekend of friends, pizza, and, gulp, turning 27.

Late 20s, I’m coming for you.

Have a good weekend chickadees!




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One response to “Coming at You

  1. My tax refund may already be spent and I don’t even know how much I’m getting back… ugh.

    Enjoy your birthday weekend!!! 🙂

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