Blue skies

Ok chickadees, several items.

The sky is blue.

It’s still ridiculously warm for February.

I have finally finished Colonel Roosevelt, which was both heart wrenching (as his family basically falls to pieces post-TR death) and satisfying, as I have been rather Teddy heavy the past several weeks.

Next up is A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail.

I’ve never read Bryson before, but 50 pages in, he’s hysterical, and so is the story of his trek up the trail with his ill-prepared, Little Debbie cake loving friend.

Also, the subject matter of the forest, bears, and nature isn’t straying too far from my TR-loving heart.

It’s a good transitional piece, is all.

Also, as an aside, today’s Groupon is to the Paulina Meat Market, which is pretty much the best thing to happen to me before 10 in a long time.

It also means that JW and I have, in essence, purchased $80 in meats to the market.

This fills me with glee, if we’re going to be honest.

If you live in my fair city and haven’t yet been to this wondrous land-o-meats (and some other items, also), you should probably take a Saturday morning trip.

They even give out samples- which is maybe one of my favorite parts.

All right chicks, I’m off to start my day, but please, if you’re experiencing weather like we are, get yourself outside.

Your vitamin D starved body will thank you!




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One response to “Blue skies

  1. Kat Foley

    i laughed my whole way through ” a walk in the woods” hope you enjoy it!

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