Back in the saddle

So last night, post work, I decided to head to the gym.

Not a strange decision for a Tuesday night.

I left work at five, headed to the library to pick up this gem, and then headed to the Y.

And even though despite it being the New Year, things have been fairly quiet around there, when I walked upstairs, it resembled something not unlike a three-ring circus.

I then caught an unflattering glimpse of myself in the mirror, and concluded that perhaps I could qualify as part of the sideshow.

I was determined to run farther than usual, as I’ve been slacking off/concentrating on other things/hiding from the treadmill in the past couple of weeks.

Don’t ask me why. I like to run. But running’s hard, and apparently, that’s not been my thing lately.

I was ready to make my triumphant return.

Except, as mentioned above, there seemed to be a crowd.

So I had to wait ten minutes to get the show on the road.

Which wasn’t exactly motivational, despite my catchy Eminem tracks and power stretching.

Eventually, a treadmill became free, and it was time to see what I was made of.

But then, I felt a presence on my left.

It was a large man (large in height, not really size) trying to elbow by me to get to the open machine.

Apparently the Y is now a place of lawlessness.

Luckily, I am small but wily, and merely ducked underneath him and trotted to the treadmill.


Also, a victory on the treadmill, as I pounded out over four miles, running for 35 minutes of it, and incline walking the rest.

I realize this is no Nikki-in-her-heyday run, but it’s February, and as self-professed, I’ve been slacking a bit.

So I’ll take the four miles.

And run with it.

Har har har.

Enjoy the (again!) warm day chicks!


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One response to “Back in the saddle

  1. I hope you gave him a solid elbow as you ducked past him. What a jerk…

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