Portuguese Chicken: A Saturday Night Guide

Why, hello.

On a Saturday afternoon, people like to run errands, laze around their homes, and generally relax on their day off.

Ky and I had different plans.

We had decided that since our dinner plans were a bust and we knew we had nothing else going on, we’d stay in, concocting this recipe that we found in last month’s Bon Appetit.

Portuguese Chicken

We thought we owed it to ourselves to try braising something serious.

Also, as an aside, I found this picture of our cooking team, and felt like it needed to be shared with all of you.

I seem to be screaming, and Ky seems to be outraged.

General antics, around this place.

Anyway, we knew it was time to get down to business.

So we followed our standard set of procedures when embarking on a new cooking project.

1. It’s important to have the correct playlist.

We would like to apologize for the explicit selections, but it’s not really our style to say we’re sorry. We figured that since we were cutting things up, it called for a touch of angry lyrics.

2. Aprons, all the time.

3. It’s important to learn new skills. So in this segment, Ky learned how to butcher a chicken. And I learned how to take a video on my camera. And how to sort of use iMovie. Please see below.

Pretty hysterical, right? If you’re actually interested in the technicalities about how that should have gone down, please check out the guide online here:

Breaking up a Chicken

Please note that they had poultry shears.

We never have quite what we need, but we make do anyway.

Okay, onto the actual putting together of said chicken:

Today's meal is brought to you by Hungarian Sweet Paprika. This is legit.

We blanched some cippolini onions and then Ky removed their skins

After Ky mutilated the chicken, I dredged it in flour, paprika, and s & p

We seared them in some olive oil, and then they started to look like actual chicken pieces.

Then we cut up a bunch of prosciutto, because why not?

We layered it up with bay leaves, more serious paprika, garlic, and diced tomatoes

Time to whisk up a pan sauce, which is mostly wine. Fine by us.

Then it was time to put our feet up with iced green tea and wait 1.5 hours to see what would happen.

It turned out, learning how to use iMovie and listening to more Mumford & Sons and smelling delicious smells was what happened.

Oh yeah, and then the chicken came out.

Almost time to come out!

We also made a gravy, by mixing up the juices with some flour- so awesome

The finished product

This was a really good, satisfying meal. It was comfort food, but we decided to keep the sides light because of the braising and the gravy, which could potentially make the chicken heavy.

We made a homemade vinaigrette, and topped it off with multigrain rolls, a vast nutritional improvement over our usual side of potatoes and loaf of bread slathered in butter.

The chicken slid off the bones, the gravy was light and wine-y, and the salad was a perfect idea.

Another success for our team!



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3 responses to “Portuguese Chicken: A Saturday Night Guide

  1. Ahahahaha… the video cracked me up. “This is not ok”

    And is yet more proof of why I really should stick to using chicken breasts…

  2. Grace Hendricks

    Great job. The chicken looked delicious..

  3. Karla

    The video is too funny! Your commentary with the technical anatomical terms plus Ky’s expressions are absolutely hysterical! Thanks for the laugh tonight. Luv ya 🙂

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