I reject the fondue pot.

And…it’s Monday again.

How does that happen so fast? Someone’s gonna have to explain it to me.

If only I had this federally recognized holiday off.

Alas, it’s off to the cubicle this morning for me.

Yesterday was half extremely productive/half let’s lounge around.

JW and I woke up early to head downtown through the rain to go register at Crate and Barrel.

It was an interesting experience.

They handed us a checklist, which made me feel prepped, until I looked at it more closely.

It turns out Crate and Barrel thinks you need every single item they sell in order to start your life as a married couple.

Including a fondue pot.

Not just one fondue pot though.

One reg-a-lur, and one electric.

At that point, we decided to wing it.

And I think aside from the fact that I may or may not have registered for sixteen pitchers, we did okay.

Fondue pots be damned.

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating leftovers and watching Away We Go, which was weird, funny, and kept on featuring actors who I loved.

I’m not sure if I loved it or not, but it made me laugh.

Yesterday we finally synced our scheduled with Aus and KD, my two favorite tween/teen who I spent a year of my life babysitting and every year since have only wished I could spend more years hanging out with these two kids.

They sing. They dance. They play video games with me.

Now that they’re not six, they also grate cheese and crush garlic, making them both funny and useful.

We made pizza, ate ice cream and cookies, laughed ourselves silly, and then, on the way home, we rapped.

They’re multifaceted, you see.

Aus encouraged me to try my hand at a rap myself, telling me to just pick a subject, and then go with it.

It’s all part of the creative process.

I picked “traffic lights” as they were in front of me, and then Aus started up his human beat box.

“Yellow, orange, red, that’s a…” I stammered, trying to come up with something that rhymed.

But then JW stopped me, noting that orange really wasn’t involved in the traffic light, and that I had missed green, thus ruining the authenticity of the rap.

I believe he might have actually worded it more like “You forgot green! Yellow, orange, red?! What is that?! Did you guys hear her?”

Either way, we melted into bellowing laughter until we got home.

It was pretty much the best night of the week.

And now, I’m off through the dark, cold, rainy morning to start my Monday.

The city’s in the same kind of mood I am. Check you later, chickadees.



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