Election Day and Restaurant Week: Chicago Rules

Morning, chicks.

Somehow, somehow, somehow, the city of Chicago has decided that today is a good day to snow again.

Please, someone, tell me March will be better. I am sick of sloshing through alleys.

Also, it’s a big day for us Chicago residents, as today is “Elect a Mayor or Maybe Just Incite a Runoff Day“.

Very big stuff. Mayor Daley’s been around since 1989 (back when I was in pre-school), so it’s not just every day you get a fresh slate of candidates around here.

So, should you be a resident, make sure you get out there and cast your ballot today.

Early and often, as they say in the windy city.

Really though, once is good enough as long as you mean it.

Last night, JW and I took ourselves out to Branch 27 (a recommendation from my lovely friend MC) for yet another Restaurant Week meal.

March is looking like a month of salads and spin classes, my friends.

But last night was a night of skirt steak, seafood stew, and chorizo meatballs.

My only complaint (should I find one in the lovely, relaxing meal we enjoyed) was that the fruit cobbler didn’t seem to really have any fruit in it.

This is most likely our own fault for ordering a dish with “seasonal fruit” in the winter, but we wanted to try both options on the menu.

When I held up something that maybe resembled a fruit (but who knows which one), I asked JW what it looked like to him.


He was right. Seasonal fruit in February is pretty much not a thing.

Luckily, bread pudding needs no season to be delicious.

And with that, I’m off to a school basement to complete my patriotic duty.

And then to slosh through another alley.

It’s a life of glamour, but someone’s got to do it.





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