You’ll be happy and wholesome again when the city clears and sun ascends

New day.

New mayor.

New attitude?

Let’s not get too out of control.

I was planning on doing a five.good.things post this morning, but I just can’t drum up five authentic things I’m psyched about.

And I didn’t want to be a liar.

Yesterday was a pretty chaotic, kind of day in my bitty cubicle.

I have a friend who thinks all Tuesdays are like this, and I think she might be onto something.

I feel like these days are even worse in winter, when the sun hasn’t been out in forever, and all you want to do is throw on some sandals and take a nice long walk by the lake.

Or ocean, or field, or whatever you’ve got.

In the absence of any of those things as options (unless I felt like being blown into Lake Michigan), I headed to the gym after work to blow off some steam.

Some might say I’m high strung.

I’d say I’m committed to my emotions.

Anyway, I finished over four miles, and did not die at the end of it, so I left feeling much better about the state of my world.

Today, I’m focused on not eating gummi rattlesnakes as a stress relief mechanism (yes, apparently that’s a problem I have), getting some inspiration from these chicks (yes, I’m already back to the Roosevelts), and reckoning with the Y again.

That Shamrock Shuffle’s sneaking up on me.

In theory, this also means that spring’s sneaking up on me.

I’m hanging that one on my hat rack this morning, chickadees.







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3 responses to “You’ll be happy and wholesome again when the city clears and sun ascends

  1. Ha ha- you KNOW I’m right! Although I will say that I do think they’re less miserable once the warmth comes around. Whenever that might actually be…

    Btw, I heard the shamrock shuffle was way later this year. I’m not doing it because it happens to be on the day of my half in StL. Glad to hear the weather has GOT to be better, but it’s a little weird to have it weeks after St. Patty’s- am I right?

    • Haha, yes, the warmth might help us out. And yes, the Shuffle’s April 10th, which is actually awesome as far as I am concerned, as I am one of those people who will run it even when all the other people stay at home (I think that was two years ago), although last year pretty much sucked too. It’s always a little bit after St. Patrick’s Day, so it is kind of out of place, but I’ll take it if it means the weather’s a little better!

  2. Grace Hendricks

    Cheer up.. Spring is just around the corner (I hope). The weather has been terrible this winter. we expect more snow or rain on Friday, Sunday and maybe next Tuesday. Have a great weekend.. Got your save the day card yesterday.. I will be there. Love Grandma…

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