Five Good Things: Spring Will Come Edition

Good morning, chickadees!

I’m in a much improved mood today, trying to take into account that it is the end of February, and also, the end of the week. On to five things that are pretty good.

1. This morning I woke up to take a swim at the Y, thus continuing my streak of exercising. When I left the house at just a smidge past six, it was definitely still dark out.

But, listen here. The sky was not that midnight-y color. It was distinctly purple, in the beginning stages of pulling the morning out of the night, and that means that birds chirping and snow melting are not so far off.

And that is a good thing.

2. Every since the Grammys, I’ve really been digging these guys. I have their album on repeat, and I’m going to listen to them right through springtime. I suggest you do the same.


3. Tomorrow night I am headed to Andie’s for dinner with the ladies of Lakewood Manor (the place I lived senior year of college and the source of almost all my good college stories) and Ky. Andie’s is a place in Andersonville we’ve all been going to for years, but it’s been awhile since we paid their delicious pita a visit.

It’s also a place where we generally laugh our heads off, so I’m pretty much ready to get there.

4. Yesterday at a work meeting, our CEO let us know that because of some extra funds at the end of the year, we’ll all be getting iPads as a token of the company’s esteem.

It was kind of like what I imagine being on Oprah’s Favorite Things shows are like. There was a PowerPoint reveal slide and everything.

I’m excited for the chance to get my paws on a little device that both enables me to play Angry Birds and also check on recipes from the kitchen, instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and office eighteen times per recipe, at least.

That was a pretty good thing.

5. This morning when JW got out of bed, it happened to be turning six. At six in the morning, NPR changes its programming and plays a jingle.

The jingle causes JW to do a jig like dance.

I can’t decide if it’s horrifying or amusing.

I wish I could show you, but I didn’t have my camera handy.

Also, JW told me in no uncertain times that the likelihood of me capturing this act on film is slim.

Little does he know I’ll take that as a challenge.

Have a good Friday chickpeas, and enjoy your weekends!



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3 responses to “Five Good Things: Spring Will Come Edition

  1. auntie rosemary

    Any man who does a jig, first thing upon awaking, is a keeper in my book! Sounds like he does his little soft shoe just for you, and you alone. Sharing that with the world will take the personal joy it gives him to please you in a special way. Laughter is the best medicine in any situation. Hang on to someone who gets that, and work hard at keeping him lighthearted. The ability to crack a smile, especially when things are rough, will get you two through most anything that lands in your path. So, tell that man of your’s to dance on! His secret performance should stay between the two of you. At least until you have children. Then, share it with them. So, they can love him the way you do. I love you, Nikki. You have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you. Savor every second.

  2. Thanks Auntie Rose! He is a keeper and I loveee you!

  3. A free ipad?!?!

    I need a different job…

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