Headed in the right direction

Chickadees, several things are going in the right direction this morning.

Such as, it’s Thursday, which means the weekend is nearly in sight.


Also, I’ve successfully been to the gym/engaged in physical activity every day since last Tuesday.

Yesterday I even engaged in what I call “cycles,” which includes me jogging, then sprinting (and looking like a short-legged fool), and then walking.

Rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately though, I was stuck in front of the mirror on the treadmill (watching yourself run is not a pretty sight) and my iPod died in the middle of a particularly good Sheryl Crow jam, leaving me the sounds of nothing but my own rhino breath.

Fortunately, my contacts are now one entire week later than they should have been (not entirely fortunate, I guess) and so I couldn’t really see myself in the mirror, since I am blind.

In any case, on the whole, the work out experience in the past week has been a positive life change.

Now only if I could stop eating so many gummy rattlesnakes at my desk.

One thing at a time, I guess.

Additionally, yesterday I received a note from Macy’s, reading “Enclosed is the swatch of fabric you requested.”

I didn’t actually request any fabric, but it was a nice gesture- it’s my wedding dress fabric!

I showed JW and said “Can you guess what my dress looks like from this?”

He said “It looks see through. Is your dress see through?”

Most definitely not.

I’m also holding on for a rainy weekend, but one that doesn’t dip below thirty degrees.

I will take what I can get, thank you very much.

I am quite sure that spring will be here any second.

Maybe in a whole bunch of seconds.

In any case, as previously mentioned, I’m taking what I can get.

And now I’m headed off to my land of cubicles.

Have a good day chickadees!



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