Mussels and a long ride home

Morning chicks.

And hello Tuesday.

This morning, I meant to get up for a swim, but what actually happened is that I opted for a ride to work and a Starbucks instead.

Sometimes it happens this way.

Anyway, last night, JM, CC, Ky and I headed to Branch 27 for their Monday Mussel Special, which is comprised of a giant vat of mussels (prepared one of three ways to choose from), a side of delicious fries, and a microbrew.

For $13.

What is better than that, on a dark, March Monday?


I opted for my cauldron of mussels to come steamed in a coconut curry broth, and they were pretty much amazing.

I’ll be back.

And I’ll take a picture. Branch 27 is all dark wood and dim lit and not an appropriate place to whip out an obnoxious Bberry flash.

So for once, I made the right decision and just ate the mussels instead of shooting them.

I do, however, wish I had a good picture to show you.

On the way home, Ky was driving, and we were attempting to position ourselves east, as she lives near the lake.

At some point though, it seemed as though perhaps we were headed too far east, as in, nearly downtown.

I advised her to turn north onto an unknown street.

“Will this work? Where does this street go?” she asked.

I assured her that as Chicago is on a grid system, we were headed due north and all would be well.

Which it was, in the end.

But in the interim, it appeared we had driven ourselves straight into the projects. Which again, would not be so terrible, except it was late, and we weren’t sure where we were (due north!) and Ky is from Connecticut, which means she doesn’t do so well in a bad neighborhood after dark.

Or ever, really.

She kept yelling things, like “We are going to die!” And, “WHY ARE WE GOING STRAIGHT?!” when I simply suggested that the fastest way out was usually through.

Straight also seemed to be the way to abandoned buildings, shady characters hiding in the shadows, and a general feeling of doom.

Eventually we found our way to Lincoln Park, and the glow of closed boutiques and bars calmed us down.

In essence, all was well.

But next time, we’ll find a different line of the grid to take us north.



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