Being the Match

Morning chickadees!

JW and I are spending the day in Grand Rapids at Spectrum Health, me in the waiting room, and him in the operating room, getting his bone marrow “harvested” for someone who needs it more than he does.

He’s doing this for the second time, because he’s pretty much the best guy ever, because he’d give anything he has that you need, including parts of his own body.

He also looks kind of cute in a surgical cap.

This morning we spent a couple hours watching the Today Show, talking about JW’s allergies (of which he has none) and chatting about his repeat performance of bone marrow donation with the doctors.

Growing up as the daughter of an OR nurse, hospitals don’t make me skittish. I actually like hanging out in hospitals. I like the hustle and bustle, I like the nurses, I like the magazine selection in the waiting room.

Especially when I’m with someone who’s not actually sick.

So now, while JW takes a little snooze and helps out someone who needs it, I’ll be hanging out in the waiting room, working on some spreadsheets and waiting for my patient.

Send a little good energy his way this morning chickadees, and a whole lot more to the guy who’s getting his marrow!

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