Welcome to a new season

Good day, chicks!

We’re still in GR, letting JW get some rest before we head home to the Windy City, but overall, everything yesterday went well.

JW’s not in too much pain, and someone else is getting a shot at a healthy life, so we’re all smiles over here.

In other news, yesterday was the first day of Lent, which is traditionally a day of reflection and sacrifice.

So JW was right on target.

Because I was shuffling between the waiting room and the recovery room, I didn’t get a chance to get ashes, which is a shame, because despite my not-firm-stance on exactly what I subscribe to these days, I’ve always been a fan of an Ash Wednesday Service.

It’s quiet, and calm, and for some reason, the words from ashes you have come and to ashes you will return give me an odd measure of comfort.

Sort of like–no matter what they tell you, you’re the same as everyone else.

So relax.

In any case, while I have not completely figured out the sacrifice portion of this Lenten season (and I’m not always sure I think that part is that important, anyway), I’ve decided to use the next 40 days to work on some attitude adjusting and life-balancing.

So, a couple of thoughts I’m focusing on:

We may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but how we treat each other is entirely up to us.
-Barack Obama

The antidote to despair isn’t tuning out; it’s setting an example.

That one actually came from Whole Living magazine, but it made me pause. In the past six months (or maybe 27 years? You choose), when someone treats me badly or causes me stress, the following thoughts cross my mind:

1. I’ll be snarky (rude, mean, apathetic) right back. Two can play at this game.
2. I’ll prove you wrong about me.
3. I will spend the next (insert inane amount of time here) plotting your demise.

Now, while these things generally send my adrenaline through the roof and sometimes result in some serious getting.down.to.business, most of the time the above ends up causing me even more stress.

Plotting someone’s demise can be exhausting, it turns out.

So, in this season of Lent, I’m going to work on how I treat people despite how they treat me.

I’m setting an example, you see.

To be continued, you see.

Have a good morning, chickadees.





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3 responses to “Welcome to a new season

  1. Julie Hermann

    I like your outlook on life Nikki.
    Thanks to JW for his donation!

  2. Cathy Guinan

    Thanks for taking such good care of JW. I agree that working on something positive in our lives does much more good than just giving up something. ML gives us sarcasm and cynicism!

  3. With the traveling over the last week, I totally forgot it was Ash Wednesday yesterday until I was in the grocery store and thought “oh dear… that women has something on her forehead…”

    Then I realized I really should have planned in a trip to church. Oops.

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