Ziti and Nuggets

Ahhh, back to a full, regular week.

I crave a little routine, I think.

I woke up early this morning, deciding that since I was awake anyway, I might has well head to the gym for a swim.

I noticed that since we’ve been blessed with Daylight Savings Time, and it didn’t get dark until almost seven, it also caused the sun to rise about an hour later this morning.

Back to walking to the pool in the dark for awhile, I guess.

Well worth it, from my perspective, as I’m digging the promise of spring one day returning to the Second City.

Yesterday, I took several hours to return to normal after a night full of car bombs and Chinese food, and spent the day watching Sister Wives (embarrassing? Possibly), drooling over the NCAA bracket selection, and then mixing up some serious baked ziti.

And then, my cousins from CT breezed through on their way home from WI, which was a great surprise.

They brought this hysterical little nugget with them.

Not that I don’t love Jim and Heather on their own, but seeing baby Connor was pretty much the highlight of my weekend.

Can you blame me?

And now, I’m off to hang out in my cubicle and start my new week in good spirits.

I’ve seen 55 in the forecast, chickadees, and I’m hanging all my hopes on that hatstand.



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