And it’s back to the Plan

Morning, chickens!

It looks like the sun might shine today, and like it also might creep over fifty degrees.

All my fingers and toes are crossed.

No easy feat, without motor skills.

Yesterday, I was looking at my calendar, and I had this sudden bolt of realization that the Shamrock Shuffle is coming up in less than a month.

Have I been training?

I would say…not really.

I’ve been working out, but without a training plan, I’m pretty much all over the place.

A mess, if you will.

I need structure.

I need Mr. Higdon bossing me around.

Awhile ago, when JW had initially decided to run this race, and I had decided to throw my hat in the ring for another year, he put up an entire training calendar on the Gcal.

However, it’s really easy to uncheck “Training Plan” when it’s taking up valuable space on your calendar where you’d prefer to be writing “Dinner and Drinks.”

After my realization yesterday, I reinstated the calendar, and held my breath, wondering how far behind I’d fallen.

Turns out, my 5k runs I’ve been doing were just about where I should be.

I’m back on track.

Sort of, anyway. Paying attention to the track, anyway.

At the gym, I pounded out 3.5 miles, which was only a little bit more than I’ve been doing, but also a little bit of a struggle, as I insisted that I didn’t need any walking breaks.

And, I was right. I didn’t.

But they would have been nice.

My speed’s not quite where it needs to be, so I’m going to have to make quick (haha) work of this training plan and pick it up.

Luckily, I’ve still got three weeks to go.

After my run, and determined to stay on a path of success, I woke up this morning and did the Shred in an attempt to

I reassured myself that I would just do Level 2, easing into Jillian’s psychotic ways.

But my remote malfunctioned and pointed itself right to Level 3.

I couldn’t go back.

Jillian was staring me down.

I’m hoping I can push my sore legs 2.5 more miles on the treadmill tonight.

And I’m also hoping to take to the streets if this weather really comes through.

Here’s to the beginning of the running season, chickadees!



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One response to “And it’s back to the Plan

  1. I have to constantly talk myself out of walk breaks on my long runs. I really do know I don’t particularly need them. I just sort of want them. A lot…

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