Full up

Morning, chicks.

And sorry about the two day absence.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy.

My parents headed into town on Friday night, right in the nick of time.

I say this because I had been with JW at Macy’s registering, and things were getting out of hand.

It’s a big store. I may have registered for eight kinds of towels.

I have some editing to do this week.

In any case, we spent the week eating sushi, checking out the Field Museum, watching basketball (go UCONN!!), and eating New Haven style pizza right here in the Second City, which is my father’s new obsession.

I can’t say I blame him.

It’s as close to the real deal you’re gonna get on this side of Lake Michigan.

In any case, the weekend was pretty much full up.

Which is probably why it feels like Monday morning came so quickly.

I started the morning with a seriously long swim (for me these days anyway, I did a little over a mile before I realized it was getting late) and now I’m headed to work, and then off to book club.

For the first time ever, I actually haven’t read the book.

I’m blaming the library, which has simply not come through for me.

Also, for some reason, the books are moving slower for me this winter/spring.

Time to hunker down, I guess.

And maybe stop watching so much Sister Wives.

Now there’s a plan for the week.





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