Been walking my mind to an easy time

Morning, chickadees.

If you’re hanging out in the Second City, you may have noticed that the temperature has dropped AND it seems to be perpetually spitting out there.

Not very spring-esque, if you ask me.

In an effort to fight the general malaise that comes with this type of weather (and to escape the cat dander, which is steadily causing me to look like I have the eyes of a drug user), a couple of my pals and I headed over to Noble Square to eat burgers at Branch 27.

My burger had kimchi and an egg on it.

Please take a moment to reflect on how awesome it was.

And accept my apologies, as I can’t provide a picture.

By the time I got to it, it was after eight and I was starving, having completed a 5k run directly before and also, not eating in eight hours.

The burger never stood a chance.

Aside from chowing down with friends and hitting up the Y, I’ve also been devoting some time to the one Chicago, one Book pick for the spring.

I had it on my CPL hold queue, but of course, JW did the practical thing and just went to the library to see if they had it.

Which they did.

He proceeded to finish up Neverwhere in five seconds before forking it over.

The book is set in the London Underground, and creates a whole separate, fantastical world down there that doesn’t really connect with London Above (what regular London is called). So far there have been rat speakers, Beasts (with a capital B, no less), and someone who is considered an “opener” (her name: Door). It’s kind of a mash up between Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, with something a little more twisted thrown in there.

It’s a fast read. I’m liking it.

Good pick, CPL.

And with that, I’m off to hit the wet pavement. Tonight I’ve got some allergy medicine to pick up and 4 miles to pound out at the gym. Have a good one, chickens!



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2 responses to “Been walking my mind to an easy time

  1. Perpetually spitting…

    That is the best description I’ve heard yet.

    Btw, here’s fun news! I think I’m moving… most likely somewhat close to your little corner of the world! I am quite thrilled. :p

  2. Whoa! Into the city?! That sounds great- I’ll need details–so exciting!

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