All I do is win

This is gonna be a quick one, chickadees.

Today and tomorrow are long days, composed of a was-I-even-there trip to St. Louis (where I’ve never been) for work.

I’ll at least let you know how the hotel was.

In any case, I was up late last night after my 3-miler (which went astonishingly well, thank you very much) watching to see if my beloved Huskies could pull it out after 2010’s embarrassment season.


Unless you live under a rock, or maybe aren’t a fan of March Madness (but oh, how could that be?!) you have heard by now that Uconn was triumphant, and that I was, of course, feeling pretty great about it.

Although, I will admit, the game wasn’t an offensive dream.

For awhile, it kind of looked like the two teams were just recklessly throwing the ball around.

Maybe they thought it was dodgeball.

In any case, aside from my favorite team of all time winning the NCAA tournament (which is huge- we have nothing else, you guys. Not even one measly professional team. Even the Whalers left us), I also happened to have some financial stake in the game.

Which means my team and I have won a pool.

Which has never happened before.

What a turnaround for a Tuesday.

And with that, I’m off to my cubicle, and also to St. Louis.

Catch you chickens later!



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2 responses to “All I do is win

  1. Isnt your race in st louis too? Thats alot of st louis-ing for you!

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