Pool Party

Morning chickadees.

The temperature appears to be dropping slightly, but the trees are still budding and the sun is shining, so I’ll take it.

This morning I woke up at around 5:30, and after willing myself to fall back to sleep for ten minutes, I gave up and grabbed my stuff for the gym.

It was time for a bone stretching swim, post that five mile race this weekend.

I got to the Y a little bit earlier than usual, not realizing that 6:00 AM is, apparently, when the party starts in the pool.

I was greeted by raucous splashing and almost every lane full.

Except for one spot, which I gladly scooted to.

It turned out that the guy swimming next to me fancied himself either a Michael Phelps in training, or half dolphin.

He was splashing like I’ve never seen, nearly taking me out in his wake every time we crossed paths.

Then he switched to the backstroke, which was even more life threatening.

I literally hopped out of the way at one point, as I noticed his giant arm headed straight for my face.

I really don’t want to drown at the Y.

After about fifteen minutes of this, he finally finished, and took his dangerous stroke to the locker room.

I moved over to the middle of the lane, and swam two glorious, uninterrupted laps.

Then I heard someone calling to me.

I thought it was maybe the pool radio, so I just kept swimming.

After another lap, I heard it again and lifted my head out of the water.

“I’m going to swim on the left,” the guy, obviously already in the water and on the left, pointed out to me.

I nodded, and kept going.

It turns out that what he meant was that he was going to take up the entire lane, and could I please stay as close to the lap line as possible?

Sure, no big deal, I thought, as I continued my crawl and smacked my hand into the divider.

And then, I felt a giant whoosh to my right. An arm nearly taking out my leg.

It turns out, the person in the lane next to me was having trouble keeping his long arms in his own lane, and spent the next twenty minutes assaulting me from above and below with his unruly strokes.

Things continued in this fashion until I had finally completed a full mile and was winding down, gripping my kickboard and trying to stay alert to the dangers on either side of me.

There’s nothing like a good morning workout to get the blood pumping, chickpeas.

Even better if there’s no guarantee you’ll get out unscathed.


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One response to “Pool Party

  1. Julie Hopkins

    Nik, next time, let the “ridiculous HE MAN” have the lane, but make sure you hurt him, ever so slightly in the groin area, and maybe next time he will swim in a different lane….ha ha ha!!!

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