Ready to run.

Morning chicks!

Please, someone, tell me where the sun went? The forecast, it tells me it’s rain only until who.knows.when.

In other news, in the wake of race season sign up (I’ve got lots of running plans, my friends), and also, what with that wedding I have coming up, I’ve been trying to hang in the gym/outside running, swimming, and yesterday morning, Shredding.

Oh man, Jillian Michaels, I like it better when you’re yelling at other people on Biggest Loser and I’m just sitting on the couch, having snacks.

My ass was kicked before 7:00 AM.

I can only assume that in the long term, this is a good thing.


Also, I think maybe my beginner 3 lb weights need to be upgraded. Kettlebells have made me tough.

Or at least, tough enough to try 5 lb weights.

Up tonight is doing some running, hopefully in intervals, in an attempt to tell myself that I can, in fact, move faster than my short legs want to.

I have myself a 5k race on Saturday, you see. In which I get to finish in the concourse of Wrigley Field.

This is always cool, but also, a tight, dark space in which I am 95% sure I could trip and take out half of the neighborhood.

Better work on my balance.

And now, off to hang in my cubicle- headed toward the weekend, chickadees!

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