And we’ve reached the good part of the week.

Friday is upon us.

This is a great thing, especially since despite being pretty exhausted this morning, I dragged my sorry self out of bed anyway and swam, in my own lane, for forty five minutes.

There is nothing like a nice, uninterrupted swim to get your day going.

I didn’t run into anyone or anything, so I’ll count that a sizable success.

Up tonight is laying low and carb loading, as I must wake myself at the crack of dawn and stroll on down to the start line for the Race to Wrigley.

Nothing like saying you can just stroll down to Wrigley Field.

Reason #4231 I cannot live in the suburbs: no strolling to historical, sports-related landmarks.

I could be wrong about the validity of the above statement.

If I am, don’t tell me.

The Race to Wrigley also means hitting up breakfast with a group of my other ambitious, running-inclined friends, which I will be thinking about for the entirety of my run.

The promise of a meal is usually a pretty good motivator to get me to pick up the pace.

Wrong or right, there it is.

Well, chickadees, I’m off to get through my final day of work this week, stopping for a lunch break at Hub 51.

Just another food-centric motivator.

Have a good one, chicks!


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One response to “And we’ve reached the good part of the week.

  1. The promise of food at the end of a race is one of the few requirements I have in doing a race. Truth.

    Good luck!

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