Is anyone surprised?

This post was supposed to be about risotto.

But we’ll have to get to that another time.

I woke up this morning at 5:50. I could hear rain. It was dark and warm in my bed. Precisely the kind of morning when you give up your plans to hit the pool.

I paused an extra beat.

“Not going swimming?” JW said, from face down in his pillow.

One more beat.

“No, I’m going.”

I looked out of my living room windows, and realized I had made a terrible decision.

There was snow on the ground.

Something was going on outside- snow, rain, slush? Who knows?

I would like to point out that it is nearly late April.

I headed to the gym anyway, dragging my feet through the slush.

The swimming part was actually as to be expected- not a lot of company on such a gloomy morning, which was fine with me.

When I left the gym, I pulled my phone out of my pocket.


I reached for my keys.


I started to panic immediately, realizing that:

1) JW had probably left for work.

2) I couldn’t get into my apartment.

3) I couldn’t call him to say, please, wherever you are, turn around now because I have forgotten my keys.

4) I was probably going to spend the next few hours on my steps with my hair wet and goggle marks making me look much like a raccoon.

5) If he had realized my keys weren’t with me, he probably would have tried to leave me a message to tell me where he had hid my keys for me. Please see #3 for why this was an issue.

In any case, somewhere on my block, as I panicked and rushed home, I also realized that somehow, I had again misplaced my ID, which I swear I had just had.

With no time to stop though, I pushed it to the back of my mind and thought about how I  could maybe spend the day wandering alleys.

I rang my neighbor’s bell first, guessing that JW was long gone.

Nothing happened. I was now certain of my impending day of scaring Lakeview residents with my goggle eyes and wild hair.

Just for fun, I hit my own bell.


I was in. JW had waited for me to get home, since he realized all of my above points and just sat still until I returned.

Still though, I had to confess that I had, for the eighteenth time, lost my ID again.

He helped me retrace my steps, and I finally found it in the Y, where someone had dropped it off.

This might be a long week after all, chickadees.


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  1. Ky

    You are a mess.

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