A study in risotto

Ok, as it’s past 7:30 AM, and I have yet to lose anything this morning, I think it’s safe to talk about risotto.

So risotto.

It’s easier than you think, 100% adaptable, and delicious.

Ky and I didn’t feel like using a recipe, so we cut up some asparagus and some giant shallots, added frozen peas and garlic to the mix, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and just threw things in the pot and stirred.

Or something like that.

It was a chopping kind of project.

These shallots were huge.

Lemons made the whole thing bright. I also nearly took off my knuckle.

It was sauteing time.

It was now time to get serious. With the risotto.

Once we added the rice, we started to add the liquid. We started with about a half cup of white wine, and then we stirred, until it was absorbed. After that, we just kind of eyeballed some chicken stock, threw it into the pot, and stirred until it was pretty much done. The whole process probably took around 25 minutes before the rice was cooked and the liquid was absorbed. Also- risotto is great to do with a friend, because your arm is probably gonna get sore. And you probably want to be able to tag your friend in when that happens.

About halfway through the rice cooking, we threw in the asparagus.

Then came lemon zest, peas, and parmesan.

We decided to balance the whole thing with a salad and some roasted garlic bread. As we are the kind of people who do not remember to purchase salad dressing in advance (and also, let’s be honest, most store bought dressing is not that good and filled with weird ingredients), we whipped some up using mustard, vinegar, and olive oil.

Were also resourceful. We just made it in the mustard bottle.

Then, it was, thank God, dinner time.


The verdict? It was awesome. Creamy and spring-y and bright, and totally worth the half hour of stirring (or strength training- we could just call it that). Despite being difficult and not having a recipe to provide you with, I will bestow upon you this link, which is where we got the idea in the first place.

Go forth, and stir the risotto.

Have a good one chickadees!


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One response to “A study in risotto

  1. That looks amazing!

    Risotto and wild rice are favorite sides of mine when it comes to potlucks and such. Because I rarely make it for myself… đŸ™‚

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