It was a dark and stormy evening

My plan last night was to run 5 miles after work as a way to keep myself training and to also keep my stress levels manageable.

However, the plan was thwarted by my body’s insistence that I come straight home after working on a boring project all day, eat chips, and read my latest edition of Bon Appetit. 

It was rainy and stormy (and hailing! and lightning!) and unseasonably cold, and my couch simply called to me.

I read my magazine and plotted new recipe ideas, texting Ky the gory details and watching The Biggest Loser.

Watching the Biggest Loser while dreaming of Pasta Carbonara barely even made me feel guilty.

Definitely not guilty enough to put down the chips.

Guilty enough to eat them with the most giant salad of all time.

In any case, I’ll be back on the treadmill tonight, far, far from my bag of kettle chips.

But sometimes a girl needs a day off.

And sometimes she needs to browse whole articles about Italy and zeppole and baked fish and stuffing your own tortelloni.

I’m quite sure I made the right choice here, chickadees.

And things are on the up and up here, as it’s more than halfway through the work week and I’m still chugging along, with the weekend outside the city limits in my sights.

Sometimes I need some space, Chicago.

It’s nothing personal.

Hope everyone else’s storm filled evening was as productive (and snack-filled) as mine!


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One response to “It was a dark and stormy evening

  1. I’m also leaving Chicago this weekend. Hopefully, while I’m gone, she’ll get her shiz together and be a little more tolerable (weather-related) when I get back. Grr.

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